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Posted on: March 9, 2008, at 04:51:18pm   [0 comments]

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Poisoncage writes...
at 7:44:42pm on 7/14/08
Hey there,
Just wishing you happy birthday.
Hope you have a good time!
xpimpmonkeyx writes...
at 10:53:05pm on 6/6/08
model as in hot brunette. remember.
xpimpmonkeyx writes...
at 8:29:18pm on 4/1/08
ummm... thanks for what dude. I dont really care if you try to make this really long touching message. It doesnt work you lied so much that i dont even doubt that the whole message was a lie. And that tense thing you were talking about wtf was that its not like im scarred of you. and it was all your fault from the little lies to that insulting me with that one dumb fuck fake ass model. your just a poser dude and i dont even know if you are but you act all emo and look emo too. wtf is up with that.
xpimpmonkeyx writes...
at 6:48:29pm on 3/18/08
you already went i didn't really mind.
xpimpmonkeyx writes...
at 8:46:31am on 3/14/08
And serjical strike isn't a band or anything, Serj's new band is called serj Tankian Serjical strike is his record label.
xpimpmonkeyx writes...
at 4:14:07pm on 3/13/08
You're the one who said hate, dude. I never said i hated you. I said I'm not you're friend anymore and that I didn't like you and that you were the biggest liar I'd ever meet in my life. But i never said I "hated you" You did.
xpimpmonkeyx writes...
at 10:37:31am on 1/27/08
Dude you "still" say stupid things.
When you message me telling me to stop calling you mean (which i didn't do) but at the the same time you messaged Stephen saying i was being mean. I'd say that i should able to at least call you a hypocritical homosexual.
xpimpmonkeyx writes...
at 7:07:16pm on 10/15/07
no thats not what i mean... i mean you were trying to talk to me and i couldnt message you back bekuz your setting is retarted.
xpimpmonkeyx writes...
at 1:32:28pm on 9/1/07
unless you wanna change the myspace thing that i have to be your friend to message you than lets just talk on here
SlayerApocalypse666 writes...
at 5:28:04pm on 5/23/07
Thx for the suggestion on Wording my avatar but i change it too frequently . Thumbz up for u can u do the same for me thx
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