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Posted on: January 23, 2013, at 08:28:28pm

Round 1 - Pussy Pump (73)
Final Score - AAA
Took me two tries because I'm just that damn good. HATE the song, big fan of the chart. Always loved files with one or two difficult sections

Round 2 - Beautiful Arrhythmia (75)
Final Score - AAA
Now THIS took fucking EIGHTY TWO tries.. I haven't been this frustrated over a score I didn't even need to get in the first place. Again, not a fan of the song. I'm usually good at these kind of rAnDoM cOlOr TeChNiCaL bUrStY files, but the mindblocks in the first 200ish notes were really holding me back. I was also hitting early throughout the second half randomly. Two tries after muting the song cured my mindblocks and my early hitting. Never playing this again.

Round 3 - Weapon (78)
Current Score -
This hits some of my weaknesses: minijacks, jumpjacks, anchored jacks, "stamina draining" AIDS poop. I don't have enough control to stop myself from getting boos when there's a jump attached to a jack that's right handed.. especially when I'm starting to get tired near the end. I've had like 5 AAA runs that got ruined by nerves or by this fucking GNAT that keeps flying around my face. This is the first song I've actually enjoyed.. makes whoring this a little less painful. Hoping for one lucky run.. already have 150 plays on this.
*Turns out my keys are really sensitive because my thumb has been flailing around and touching the alt key at random times which causes whatever key I hit to not register.. explains why I've been missing randomly. The alt key probably robbed me of like 5 AAAs on this file.

Round 4 - 2-9 (80)
Current Score -
Whatever. 402 tries.

Round 5 - Infinity [cosMo] (85)
Current Score -
I gave up after day 2 lol mindblocks too strong


  2. You can do iiiitttt!