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Clown Statue
Posted on: April 13, 2009, at 02:40:53am

A few years ago, a mother and father decided they needed a break, so they wanted to head out for a night on the town. They called their most trusted babysitter. When the babysitter arrived, the two children were already fast asleep in bed. So the babysitter just got to sit around and make sure everything was okay with the children. Later that night, the babysitter got bored and went to watch TV, but she couldn't watch it downstairs because they did not have cable downstairs (the parents didn't want children watching too much garbage). So, she called them and asked them if she could watch cable in the parent's room. Of course, the parents said it was Okay, but the babysitter had one final request... she asked if she could cover up the clown statue in the corner of the bedroom with a blanket or cloth because it freaked her out. The phone line was silent for a moment, and the father who was talking to the babysitter at the time said, "Take the children and get out of the house... we will call the police. We do not have a clown statue."The babysitter walks towards the clown statue all dreary eyed , carefully inching toward it and disobeying the parents order to get out cause she let curiostiy get to her. The babysitter gets to the statue and feels its face .... it felt as if it was warm but it had a dreary dead feeling to the skins texture like playdoh after you leave it out in the sun and let it slowly dry she felt around till she came to the neck and it had a steady pulse ....her eyes opened wide and she turned to the children, "get out of the room now " . The children turn to run but the door closes and before they can get to it, the babysitter looks back and the clown was gone , the room gets quiet as the wind outside calms and nothing but the ticking of the clock can be heard in the dead silence.T he dead silence was then wrecked by the clowns evil laughture that sounded like a demonic roar to the mere human ear, the babysitter was now freaked and goes to cover the children when she realizes that the children were now turned into clowns as well and they were each holding knives, the lights flicker and the babysitter can be heard screaming for the next three houses over .... the parents come back to find the kids sitting happily on the couch watching tv but the babysitter was hanging from the ceiling by the neck just inside the door and the mom and dad both scream as the door closes behind them and the kids turn to clowns. (sweet dreams) =P

  1. sweet dreams?
    after this?
    funny cody...

  2. woah nice.. u wrote that? its original and well written for the most part 9/10