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just ask if you wanna know
music and thats bout it
Fav Music:
metal to blues pretty much everything
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matrix lol
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FrozenAngel91 writes...
at 11:01:43pm on 8/15/08
Sure, I got a little time
room name is o.o, password is tank (see, I can be uncreative too :P)
FrozenAngel91 writes...
at 5:20:06pm on 8/15/08
Hey, we should play mp together with you doing index, I could show you the best songs to play that way and it would be fun :D
EtherCloud writes...
at 12:57:20pm on 8/9/08
love your sig
rushyrulz writes...
at 7:46:03am on 8/5/08
k, thanks anyways.
FrozenAngel91 writes...
at 3:30:11pm on 7/27/08
Nothing much, just trying to fc a really annoying song. Do you want to play some MP?
LoneW0lf writes...
at 10:56:55pm on 7/23/08
i know ;_;
LoneW0lf writes...
at 10:45:07pm on 7/23/08
read my RT.
LoneW0lf writes...
at 10:42:43pm on 7/23/08
i did win 1 mil :P
LoneW0lf writes...
at 10:24:51pm on 7/23/08
im kinda thinking about selling a subbie now.
after a glitch stole my credits lmao.
LoneW0lf writes...
at 10:21:53pm on 7/23/08
do you have a job?
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