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Ashley; the most shy person you will ever talk to; sweet person; I drink sweet tea like no other; I get along better with guys; I like to be lazy and just chill; I listen to music throught out the majority of my day.
being lazy; piercings; old times; tattoos; my phone; sleeping; the piano; kisses; hugs; music; laughing; my ipod; sports; winter;
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Anything and everything!
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Posted on: September 24, 2009, at 04:38:05pm   [4 comments]
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JikininkiFace writes at 8:02:32pm on 11/5/12
Omg.. it's been soooo long Ash :)
MoVmentOnDreaMS writes at 12:41:18am on 10/2/11
oh man, my favorite katt williams entrance joke!
El Muffin writes at 11:28:54am on 9/10/11
No problem!
SlayerApocalypse666 writes at 11:14:44pm on 9/9/11
JikininkiFace writes at 11:49:05am on 6/7/11
you have a facebook?
if u do, add me :)
Sindrow6 writes at 10:52:13am on 6/7/11
lol @ kat love him hes sooo funny
A Pimp named Slickback ye say the whole thing! lol boondocks
internet dating is such a funny movie
goku8097 writes at 11:00:18pm on 6/6/11
same same, enjoying summer pretty good =]
Hows life =P
JikininkiFace writes at 9:16:50am on 6/6/11
yeahhh, so how's life?
goku8097 writes at 6:56:09pm on 6/4/11
how have you been :3
goku8097 writes at 12:21:09pm on 6/1/11