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Hello there, the names Ashley. Senior. My nose is pierced. My fingers and toes always have to be painted. Australian accents = the best. Johnny Depp is my husband. I could easily listen to music all day. Being lazy is my talent. Dubstep is the best. I enjoy running, sleeping, listening to music, and just chillin. If you wanna know more, just ask :)
boys, my itouch, piercings, tattoos, amusement parks, tea, friends, my hair straightener, UFC, laughing till I can't breath, chocolate, old school super mario, contagious laughs, family, play-doh.
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Dubstep, dubstep and oh yeah, more dubstep!
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oody453 writes at 12:32:32pm on 6/22/12
lol you're welcome :)
oody453 writes at 3:22:25pm on 6/14/12
love the pic, it looks awesome!!! it's like you're looking in a scope into paradise
Coveyduck writes at 11:45:14am on 6/7/12
Your very welcome! Thanks for the return vote. :)
ClydeBeataR@M@ writes at 1:43:35am on 1/5/12
Hey there :0
Heaton1402 writes at 4:34:11pm on 9/20/11
hey sure I remember you :) we have wrote for a long time :) How are you?
billymaysheeer writes at 10:53:48pm on 9/9/11
he's so awkward, though. xDD
billymaysheeer writes at 5:51:10pm on 9/1/11
i want to have destery's babiessss.
billymaysheeer writes at 2:30:58pm on 8/16/11
Tarrik writes at 2:27:18pm on 8/16/11
Felt like saying hi, because "Australian accents = the best" and I happen to be Australian 8)
Van Nguyen writes at 12:59:15am on 11/15/10
hey whats up?:)