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Not much to tell. I've been playing games like this since circa 2003 and never achieved anything super big because I'm a filthy and lazy casual. ======================================================== I used to ride BMX but parts are expensive AF now a days + I fell on top of my right wrist 5 years ago (while riding) and now I can't even do push ups.
BMX, Rhythm games, food, beer, coffee,
Fav Music:
Pop music's not my cup of tea but I tend to lend an ear if an actually good song pops up. main genres: Metal (in all forms), hard techno (Tpaz, camellia, Grmoire of alice, Igorr and DJ Sharpnel and such), classical (I like the more "agressive" arrangements but I tend to enjoy some peaceful ones from time to time).
Fav Movies:
Not a huge movie guy. But for odd some reason have watched "Saving private ryan" at least 10 times in my life (maybe more, can't remember)
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