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Fireo writes...
at 8:26:57pm on 7/14/21
I would give your profile a thumbs up but I can't find the thumbs up
Fireo writes...
at 8:23:18pm on 7/14/21
WOW Good Job man! Very entertaining rounds
Fireo writes...
at 5:56:20pm on 7/14/21
Alright they are gonna postpone it for now. Hope to see you there later
Fireo writes...
at 5:51:37pm on 7/14/21
Hey bud, we are ready whenever you are
Fireo writes...
at 4:08:28pm on 7/7/21
Can't wait till next Wednesday. We can finally duke it out. Gonna be honest with you, you have a pretty good chance of winning since I haven't played in a while. Still more practice never hurts. Anyways, good luck! Lets make this finale count ^w^
beeeboopbop writes...
at 7:25:50am on 6/7/21
Fireo writes...
at 1:13:33am on 6/4/21
Ayy Congrats my guy. I knew you could get to the semi-finals. Nice Job. Hopefully I can get there too. ^w^
ositzxz369 writes...
at 1:49:16am on 5/21/21
y did u change jojo profile picture???
Fireo writes...
at 11:56:54pm on 5/17/21
Hewwo, Do you wanna play a couple of rounds
Synthlight writes...
at 10:59:05pm on 4/6/21
First person to post on your wall.