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knuckles2224 writes...
at 6:27:36pm on 10/17/07
yepp you hacked thats y your credits are negitive..look at your top 10 stat level and you have oni? wheres the rank 1 AAA on a masters song? this profile should be banned or closed.
Plan_Bsk81127 writes...
at 6:05:06pm on 10/17/07
challenge to oni?
narutofan9 writes...
at 7:56:14pm on 10/16/07
lol, the jaws theme. u wanna b buddies? i want/need more buddies and u seem random . . . yet cool, i'm used to random ppl and they're cool.
jayjayboy writes...
at 7:50:56am on 10/16/07
u hvae no AAAd u cant have oni
ieatyourlvllol writes...
at 9:52:37pm on 10/15/07
About 100k
xTiff3rzx writes...
at 7:28:39pm on 10/15/07
no thanks, but thank you.
carlosextreme writes...
at 10:50:41am on 10/15/07
Yes. Call me...
Robert Hallgren writes...
at 8:13:26am on 10/15/07
I just gonna hide my Tokens and don't care about them anymore. XD
xzyt666 writes...
at 11:55:48pm on 10/14/07
by the way. I second RB_dreamscanner's notion.
consider yourself b&
xzyt666 writes...
at 11:55:04pm on 10/14/07
ummm. NO
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