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Well i am still 14 turning 15 may 9, 2007. Thats only if anyone is wondering. I would say that i am one of the best 14 year old players on reasonance. (Look at all the hard songs, i should be on the highscores list. until all the super players fell like being mean and pwning the hell out of me.)
i like... juggling Digitz (dance) pop&lock (dance
Fav Music:
Noise,Gabber,Speedcore,power metal, trance, rave, hardcore, chiptune, glitch is okay. Ummmm almost anything eletronic. But i also enjoy classical very much.
Fav Movies:
too many to say
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full combo ballon fever
Posted on: August 18, 2007, at 12:40:40pm   [0 comments]

14 goods

2 boos

Posted on: August 13, 2007, at 12:35:35am   [0 comments]
I just got on good on hyper pressure.

K8107 score (Fernando here you are.)
Posted on: August 1, 2007, at 05:22:48pm   [3 comments]


Imma try and beat it.

Posted on: July 13, 2007, at 01:29:13pm   [0 comments]
I just beat it with 12 goods.

i beat Jimerax ^.^
Posted on: June 21, 2007, at 02:34:39pm   [0 comments]

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jayjayboy writes...
at 10:06:12pm on 5/6/20
i’ll check it out !
jayjayboy writes...
at 11:57:06am on 4/5/19
logged back on to this. still lit. until next time.
jayjayboy writes...
at 11:16:55am on 10/16/17
mhmmm how long until you reply
ifeelit writes...
at 8:33:57pm on 5/7/17
where u been
V-Ormix writes...
at 9:11:45pm on 3/10/17
u monster firsby
xzyt666 writes...
at 9:39:10pm on 2/7/17
MiMiXis writes...
at 2:05:59pm on 1/10/17
hey freemind, mimixis here^^ due to timezones i wont be able to come by your stream every one and then:( But thanks for all your advise and keep up the grind!=)
evanescence_death4ever writes...
at 12:02:19am on 12/30/16
jayjayboy writes...
at 1:17:01am on 4/18/12
today ive AVG'd like 3 or less goods a song >>
bmah writes...
at 1:04:15am on 4/10/12
Haha, you did? He's still in Edmonton? I used to take a few classes with him at the U of A years ago. I used to play with him at the campus arcade (that is, before the arcade was torn down and replaced by a bookstore).
The only player that I can note off the top of my head that's -active- and -known- in the current community is cana25da. He plays a lot more SM though.
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