Songs of the Week and Weekly Update 4/29/2023

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Hello and welcome back to the resuming of Songs of the Week! The Spring Showdown recently ended and we’re back to weekly Saturday releases.

This is the final reminder that the 16th Official Tournament batch will be closing in a couple days on April 30th. Because of a file backlog and a lot of preparation being needed for the 16th Official Tournament, the batch system will be closed afterwards until the judges feel like they are in a good place to reopen it.

We also want to mention that we recently experienced some issues with our e-mail verification system for new accounts. This should now be fixed. If you were unable to have your account fully activated or know someone that this happened to, please reach out to one of our Community Managers or Global Moderators for assistance!

Musician: Cardboard Box
Step Artist: mi40
Song Length: 1:54
Song Style: Energetic 8-bit
Note Count: 1817
Difficulty: 96

Fool The Detector
Musician: Venetian Snares
Step Artist: ositzxz369
Song Length: 2:11
Song Style: Beatbox IDM
Note Count: 1677
Difficulty: 90

How Things Went Wrong
Musician: Goreshit
Step Artist: XelNya
Song Length: 1:57
Song Style: IDM
Note Count: 1395
Difficulty: 95


-DossarLX ODI, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

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  1. yay

  2. Yay

  3. cardedboarded the boxed

  4. Venetian Snares

  5. Venetian Snares

  6. How Things Went Wrong :)

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