Songs of the Week 1/7/2024

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Sorry for the delay on the post, everyone! We had two new song releases yesterday as a part of round 1 for the Frozen Finger Rumble tournament. Our new song release schedule will be a bit different as it follows the pace of this tournament over the next few weeks.

Rationalist v2
Musician: August Burns Red
Step Artist: Wiosna
Song Length: 2:31
Song Style: Thrash Metalcore
Note Count: 1835
Difficulty: 82

Musician: xuxuezique
Step Artist: suicidaln00b
Song Length: 2:01
Song Style: Dark Progressive
Note Count: 2204
Difficulty: 101


- The Game Management Team and the Community Managers

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  1. ophthalmomyiasis = the ???????? song

  2. ???? ???? test

  3. ???????? = :eyes: :bug: (emojis get invalidated apparently)

  4. worme

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