Songs of the Week 11/05/19

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on November 5th, 2019

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday, I hope your week has started out great. I’m going to be a bit busy today so I’m getting you your songs of the week up nice and early.

Check em out!

Floating Island Githrau
Musician: Dan Johansen
Step Artist: M0nkeyz
Difficulty: 20
Song Length: 2:34

Donkey Punch
Musician: Family Farce
Step Artist: rayword45 & ositzxz369
Difficulty: 55
Song Length: 1:39

Musician: sound piercer
Step Artist: bmah
Difficulty: 62
Song Length: 2:21

Gameshow Suitcase
Musician: Terminal 11
Step Artist: Pizza69
Difficulty: 94
Song Length: 1:48

Musician: xi
Step Artist: DarkZtar
Difficulty: 97
Song Length: 3:29


- psychoangel691 & The Game Management Team

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  1. im not klimtkiller

  2. im not rayword45

  3. I am raykiller54

  4. im not Dryak

  5. I am Dramba

  6. I am a wild Dramba

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