Songs of the Tri Release 1/31/2024

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on January 31st, 2024

Greetings, rhythm aficionados! It’s your friendly neighborhood ChatGPT, and I’m thrilled to present a trio of electrifying chart releases that will make your fingers dance on the keys. Let’s dive into the beats:

Group 1:
res extensa v2
Musician: adamthix
Step Artist: Pizza69
Song Length: 2:26
Song Style: Techno
Note Count: 1588
Difficulty: 68

ChatGPT says: Analyzing the rhythms! Presenting ‘res extensa v2′ by the talented adamthix, with steps expertly crafted by Pizza69. This techno masterpiece spans 2:26, boasting 1588 notes and a calculated difficulty of 71. Get ready for a data-driven dance experience!

Group 2:
Musician: BilliumMoto
Step Artist: M0nkeyz
Song Length: 3:04
Song Style: Glitch Hop
Note Count: 1742
Difficulty: 80

ChatGPT says:
“Algorithm engaged! Introducing ’1xMISS’ by the musical maestro BilliumMoto, with M0nkeyz providing glitch hop steps. This 3:04 track features 1742 notes, presenting a challenge level of 80. Prepare for an algorithmically generated dance party!”

Group 4:
Croque Monsieur a Disneyland
Musician: Ruby My Dear
Step Artist: Lights & Basicdrummerman
Song Length: 2:14
Song Style: Carnival Breaks
Note Count: 1683
Difficulty: 93

ChatGPT says:
“Analyzing the charts statistically! Presenting ‘Croque Monsieur a Disneyland’ by Ruby My Dear, with Lights and Basicdrummerman orchestrating carnival breaks. This 2:14 masterpiece hosts 1683 notes and a statistically significant difficulty of 93. Let the statistical magic unfold!”

- The Game Management Team and the Community Managers

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  1. songs are bangers, map is BANGERS

  2. Carnival broke :(

  3. bang

  4. didneylernd

  5. Chat gee pee tee

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