Song of eh Early Monday 1/15/2024

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on January 15th, 2024

hOI eVry1! teMMie here with *nother mews updayte! U readie for round 3 of da grand tourney? yAy!! so eXciting!

PUPTHEBAND Inc. Is Filing For Bankruptcy
Musician: PUP
Step Artist: storn42
Song Length: 3:02
Song Style: Desperate Punk
Note Count: 1479
Difficulty: 60

OMG, dis new song so *kewl, made by storn42! PUP’s muzik rly mak u feel da desperashun, like, “wow, dis pup goin thru sum stuf.” 1479 notes, dat like, lotz of preshun! Can u bEAT it? teMMie tri n be liek, “wOaH, hOw da heck!”

Round 3 is so imporTANT, evry1 puttin in da bestest effurt! Plz do ur best, u gud boiz n gurlz! teMMie cheerin 4 u! U can do eet, lik da bravest tem evr!

Playrs, remembr, u all speshul n talented. U make tourney so amazin! Go tem go, go tem go! U makin us so happy! Good Luck! Keep dancin, keep groovin, keep pressin dem arrow keyz!

- Temmie, The Game Management Team and the Community Managers

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  1. c:

  2. i must keep on smashing,,, for Temmie,,,

  3. o/ Temmie!

  4. This makes me hungry for some Temmmie Flakes

  5. i am going to put temmie in a blender

  6. owo

  7. HOI

  8. temmie is here :O

  9. i am going to put a blender in temmie

  10. OMG Is So HaRd (0o0)

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