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Posted on: June 10, 2013, at 10:59:39am   [199 comments]
Been quite a journey; I really never thought I would get here when I first started, but here I am...
Wanted to make it something easy so I wouldn't want to blow my brains out, and something charted by someone from TB (<3), so Tied the Room Together fit the bill.
Posted on: January 24, 2013, at 11:18:53am   [2 comments]
I guess I'll go ahead and do one of these, nothing better to do.
R1 - AAA song was easier than Fall Silently and Addict by a LONG SHOT, should have like 40 people with AAAs by the end of the round. Song was very nice, as I expected. Bmah can do no wrong with Gunther it seems. <3
R2 - SRAAA the song. Was my first VC SRAAA. Was my 1000th overll (public and private files.) Apparently, I am the favorite to win my division, which is really wierd. I don't know how I feel about that. I don't even remember the chart lmao, probably never going to play it again, cya in R3. Expecting AAA or die round, but last round I seriously underestimated the # of AAAs.
R3 - WELP. 376 tries, but I got Slam the Door with slightly over 4 hours left in the round. I have no idea how I didn't choke, I was shaking rather violently after I AAAed the 1 1 1 12 part. Also, I got Undiscovered Colors on like, the 2nd day, I found it much easier than StD. (lolabbreviations) It was also my 900th AAA, so that's cool. I'm just glad to still be alive and fighting =D.
R4 - Quark was fun. Easy round.
Rseriously,Imadeitthisfar? - NOPE!
RIoutdidmyself -
RwtfisD4eventrying -
No -
Posted on: December 23, 2012, at 11:00:57pm   [6 comments]
Within Life
that is all.
Posted on: December 4, 2012, at 12:01:11am   [12 comments]
Welp, after over one year on this site, it finally happenned; my 1000th Fc. This has been a LONG time coming, and it took a shitload of work to get here. But I'm not done. I still want to be the best, and I still have a tremendous road ahead of me. I'm barely holding onto my spot on the top 100 AAAs list, I can't jack with my left hand worth shit, onehand trill worth a damn or AAA an FMO for anything. But I don't care right now. This post is about what I've done, not what I want to do. This is honestly THE longest time I've consistently played a game, other than MAYBE Halo 3. It means a lot to me to stick around with something this long, and it took a lot of awesome people to get here. SO, without further ado, I'm going to actually give credit where it's due for once.
Going to go in chronological order of my FFRhistory I guess.
To Evan and Aiden, who will probably never read this message, who I've only met 2 or 3 times, who probably think I'm a wierdo. Without you two, I never would've been introduced to this game, even if I didn't play it for real until 4 & 1/2 years after you introduced me to it.
To the #1 Umbreon, my first friend on this game, someone who was always in mp, and someone I still barely know. Thanks for being there at the very beginning.
To Massdcreep/deadpony/Novelties, my first MP rivals (in order). Even though you quit like a year ago, you were my first rival, it made me actually want to get better at this game, especially after losing to you. That being said, I still can't touch your FGO scores =p. To Andy, someone else I'm still not better at FMOs/FGOs. To Novelties, for being a shitload better than me right now, and being one of the first people I REALLY wanted to be as good as.
To Loser(you know who you are) and Cole- Honestly, without you two, I wouldn't be here, I would've left this game behind LONG ago. You guys made the game fun to play, you were and still are awesome to talk to, and it's long overdue that I give you both some real credit on my profile.
To everyone in TB and TP- for keeping things interesting outside of the game.
To DANCEGUY- For going to the school I hate the most (jk.) For being a chill dude that kept me from going crazy at my emotional low. (unrelated to FFR)

To AAAing Excite Bike within the first week and feeling DAMN proud of it.
To randomly getting Arrrr! one day while goofing off in engineering.
To actually being able to PA songs consistantly.
To this community being FAR more active and far more awesome than scorehero was, prompting me to leave competitive GH/RB forever.
To my first offical, being a stuck up brat who thought he could win D2 with his hands behind his back.
To having to play Ochisukerwanadesuku! 400 times in order to advance to the next round, only to lose there.
To being completely humbled, motivating me to actually get better.
To getting my first rank 9 AAA.
To meeting the people that frequent MP.
To being humbled by them.
To learning that girls actually play this game.
To participating in my first user tourney, having to learn how to take a screenshot.
To being heartbroken that OWA shut down his Pokemon themed tourney. (SERIOUSLY?!!? WHY?!)
To getting my first FMO fc.
To getting my first VC AAA.
To losing in my 2nd official in the 3rd round.
To getting on the top 100 AAAs list, a goal I'd had since I started.
To now, my 1000th fc, with my lamer-than-my-other-hand left hand, to my low amount of tier points, to my left handed alt, to actually starting to play Leauge some, and much, much more.
To what the site has for me in the future.
Posted on: November 16, 2012, at 11:46:59pm   [3 comments]
I will try. This might kill me.
Good luck at all participating.
EDIT: ~ Halfway in and I'm juuuust ahead of Evil Smoke for 5th place. I need a nap, hope I'm not fucked when I wake up.
EDIT2: So, the competition finished yesterday, I meant to make this edit then but fell asleep, and I just woke up from said sleep about 30 mins ago. (I was tired.) I finished in 8th if you somehow managed to miss the frontpage post with ~655 mil in 1000 plays. I'm quite proud of how well I did, but I don't think I have it in me to ever try something like that again.
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drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 7:50:37pm on 11/16/15
I would love to play TWG again. I have a lot of schoolwork to do for the next 4-5 weeks though, so I might not play a game until winter vacation. Thank you for inviting me. :)
blanky! writes at 6:13:29pm on 11/16/15
rzr writes at 9:12:35pm on 11/11/15
I know I saw ): don't worry, I still took this hit for you :p
rzr writes at 9:00:54pm on 11/11/15
my keep eye peeped your underlying inner stoner haha
rzr writes at 2:37:18pm on 11/11/15
FFR Rank 420 lol
Toxophilis writes at 8:03:17pm on 11/8/15
nice flag, ive never seen it before
Novelties writes at 12:56:18pm on 10/30/15
I think its quite decent play, at least I AAA'ed the intro xD
Novelties writes at 2:05:34pm on 10/13/15
Hey bro!!!! I cant believe I still can see my name on your emotional post but see who is better than me now haha!! :p I hope you remember me!!
DDRNGGin writes at 6:28:18pm on 10/7/15
Congratulations on getting 1,500 Full Combos! :D
Charles Claythorne writes at 4:20:26pm on 7/6/15
ur a filthy casual