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Posted on: July 13, 2008, at 05:49:22pm

  1. hahaha Hi dood!!
    XD aaahh you ares so amazing!! u can be the next laggy with you reach his age XD

  2. NICE MAN! Finally you get a vid of you. It's about time that people can see what the future ruler of FFR and SM looks like. Oh and yeah, your right, I need your keyboard.

  3. when*
    XD hopefully you will never get carpal tunnel XD

  4. OMIGAWD ITS YOU!!!!!!! *glomps!!!!!!* lolz I got you phone#.
    No worries though. You're such an awesome kid!!

  5. D: wuuut no fairz i wanna calls u too rofl
    or msn if you has

  6. Rahhh!
    You forgot tha "BETCH" at the end of "Legit!"
    Nice, bro. Awwww.. my lil' bud will sure enough be the FFR champion at this rate.
    :D E>!

  7. Still very nice FC dood :)

  8. dude you rock man ^_^
    haha xDDDD

  9. purple food's done! heard oven noise.

  10. I have that keyboard... sucks ass.

  11. Freakin AWESOME :D
    lol we finally know what you look like now! :P
    you are super epic win! ;D *thumbs up*!

  12. who said you weren't legit?