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Posted on: February 13, 2013, at 08:12:48pm   [0 comments]

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Posted on: June 2, 2012, at 08:48:46pm   [0 comments]
Hey guys I finnaly guys found the password to guys this account now guys.

now what more guys videya spam guys guys.


Posted on: August 28, 2011, at 03:51:09am   [1 comment]
can someone elaborate to me how this whole brony stuff surfaced.

I still don't know

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Xiahiroyoko writes...
at 10:14:13pm on 10/12/15
Its pinkeh Pie losing her sanity befoe she brutally rapes kills rainbow pone
clasko1000 writes...
at 3:18:04pm on 8/26/13
wtf @ your avatar
turbo-talker writes...
at 1:56:28am on 7/9/12
Here's a gift from me to you.
Xiahiroyoko writes...
at 4:49:18pm on 12/27/11
Love the profile :D
TehBoredGuy writes...
at 9:35:37am on 12/23/11
love your profile. :3
revildevil2000 writes...
at 5:10:33pm on 12/10/11
Omg I just went through some hardcore nostalgia seeing your banner. LOL. hiii :D
FontSize72LOL writes...
at 3:53:50pm on 11/14/11
There will be ponies
yo man im awesome writes...
at 8:15:09pm on 10/13/11
dat profile pic O.O o.O o.o 0.0 O.O
Master Hakuoh9872 writes...
at 4:48:55am on 7/30/11
Allo. I like ur trollface. It looks good on you.:D
YOSHl writes...
at 11:07:50am on 6/28/11
hehe, that's what usually happens with games. more fun with more people.
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