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About me:
I found out practically at the end of 2010 that FFR was back online. And I'd been gone for like a whole year I think. I'd left this whole FFR thing behind me, but now that its back, its hard for me to like it the way I used to. So I won't be here too often. If you want me, more than most of the time, I'm on youtube. The link to my profile there is listed here under "homepage", if you wanna watch some of my vids.
I like looking up at clear blue skies, sleeping in till noon, DDR games, and playing hack-and-slash action RPGs with full-on anime graphics and stuff.
Fav Music:
Music, yeah.
Fav Movies:
L Change the World, Live Free or Die Hard, The Matrix, Kung Fu Panda,The Ring, The Crazies, and How to Train Your Dragon.
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Super Robot Wars GMV - Boss Rush
Posted on: January 23, 2011, at 04:30:57pm   [0 comments]

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cj rex writes...
at 10:01:31am on 4/2/11
haha ya i know it was tripy.
clayjack writes...
at 11:13:53am on 1/30/11
yeah no problem on the voting
wolf pry writes...
at 1:03:52pm on 1/24/11
i geuss i can kinda see it...haha not really, i used to have blonde hair till i dyed it=)
wolf pry writes...
at 7:01:04pm on 1/23/11
haha u think?
TBM18 writes...
at 6:48:50pm on 1/23/11
lol yah, there are a lot of characters. I actually remember most of them, though and their names.
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 6:48:43pm on 1/23/11
Lol, nope! I'm not an admin - but you can change your profile layout here: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/profiles/styletoggle.php
Ksl33zy24 writes...
at 4:57:39pm on 1/23/11
what she said! but actually it was october
krazyoreo writes...
at 4:55:09pm on 1/23/11
came last late november ? lol
clayjack writes...
at 4:24:29pm on 12/28/10
Nothing they were trying to upgrade the system and add new features to the program so it would run faster. Then the system got lost and they had to buy a new program which made everything delayed for 3 months. I hope this helps. Please ask me any questions.
Synthlight writes...
at 9:40:13pm on 12/30/06
First person to post on your wall.