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Hello, My real name will only be for friends to know but I'm known as Bluebomber The Lucario all over the internet... I joined FFR because one of my friends on DeviantArt.com told me about it... so... yeah... Other Things: I'm an Artist and A Voice Actor.
Art, Nintendo, Voice Acting.
Fav Music:
Daft Punk
Fav Movies:
Lucario and the mystery of Mew, Over the hedge
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Panic4Me writes...
at 12:03:22pm on 3/22/09
*gasp* Hey sexy. ;]
Panic4Me writes...
at 1:58:52pm on 12/9/08
:D hiiii blue
JenovaSephiroth writes...
at 3:27:55am on 12/4/08
Hi thar, nice profile I see :V
NFD writes...
at 10:14:00pm on 12/2/08
Hello there >;3
Platniumchi writes...
at 3:58:41pm on 12/2/08
I am confused by this convo
NatsumiTheLucario writes...
at 12:43:04am on 12/1/08
Joshi843 writes...
at 8:46:17am on 11/11/08
Hehe. X3
Joshi843 writes...
at 7:11:36pm on 11/10/08
Hey, Bluebomber. It's me, Joshi from DA. I found you. XD
THATGiRLOVES writes...
at 1:34:21pm on 11/6/08
LOL youre welcome [:
SpammyMcSquirrel writes...
at 8:54:13pm on 11/4/08
Rofl xD
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