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I live in Canada. I am a new house owner. Getting older is making me grouchier.
Outside stuff, books, games, etc.
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Lots of kinds
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Too many
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FirstMaple8 writes at 12:49:13pm on 7/31/17
why thank you you kind sir.
Wayward Vagabond writes at 6:00:47pm on 4/15/17
Hella. Thanks mang
Wayward Vagabond writes at 12:23:56am on 4/15/17
Hey would you be down to make gfx for me?
CDCan writes at 12:41:23pm on 3/11/17
well maybe not ffr, but he should !
CDCan writes at 12:06:00pm on 3/11/17
this man plays ffr?!?!?!
DDRNGGin writes at 10:04:30am on 7/11/16
Happy birthday! :D
Sidek writes at 9:23:21pm on 4/2/16
thanks.! :)
Sidek writes at 12:42:30am on 4/2/16
does by casuality you have this simfile??
or this
thx :)
CDCan writes at 10:59:34pm on 7/28/15
You exist!?!?!? =D
popsicle_3000 writes at 1:28:46am on 12/30/14
haha thanks! i did pretty well in them. yeah, from ottawa, living in australia