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I like Rock, Breakcore, Speedcore, and Extratone
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I don't watch movies, I watch YouTube. (if i have internet lel)
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a good day!
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nace :P only 11% more till 10Bil
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SK8R43 writes at 8:21:11pm on 2/15/18
I mean i can see your point if youre playing only lower level files for an hour straight. Try to play a few, then play a few harder files, then go back to easier. That might help a bit?
SK8R43 writes at 8:03:38pm on 2/15/18
Not really. Im mid D6 and usually play 80's+ but i came back to ffr after not playing for 3 years and had over 200 unplayed songs. I grinded through them pretty quickly and didnt get bored. even the low level ones, the long ones etc. I think i have around 10 left to play haha
foxfire667 writes at 7:47:00pm on 2/15/18
No worries man, I know the feeling of slow internet. If you ever do have the chance with better connection I do stream pretty consistently on Monday and Thursday at 6PM EST. You could also stop by and ask to MP for a bit if you want in the future.
Rapta writes at 8:26:48pm on 2/7/18
playing cod, on a 109 winstreak
Rapta writes at 7:26:02pm on 2/7/18
wat u up to
foxfire667 writes at 6:30:33pm on 1/28/18
You play on mech keyboards a lot? They might take a little getting used to but I assure you they will be way better at accuracy and not dropping inputs. You can vibro well too, I've seen the crazy stuff people do with them.
-Blue7- writes at 8:05:33pm on 1/14/18
-Blue7- writes at 11:10:33pm on 1/13/18
Hakulyte writes at 9:53:23pm on 1/13/18
Does stepmania run better than FFR for you ?
Fantasticone writes at 12:23:17pm on 1/12/18