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Hello, i'm Durvin, a guy from norway, currently in college for IT. Re-started playing rythm games in august 2016, and i have no plans for quitting :)
Games, especially RPGs and similar genres, in addition to stuff like factorio and towerdefence. Technology is cool, and figuring out how things work is also joyful. People are also cool, but i'm kinda bad at interacting, so you can call me the "listener" type.
Fav Music:
Things that are fast and exciting (without abusing high-pitch nonsense kicks), also technical stuff, like breakcore, idm and symphonic stuff. Occationally i listen to relaxing songs (velvet room from persona 1, beautiful piano), but only occationally :P
Fav Movies:
movies where the plot is not too predictable, mostly
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Pizza69 writes at 6:39:40pm on 1/30/20
damn dude every single one of those scores you posted today was amazing, keep it up! i can see you getting d7 pretty soon
ULTIMEGA writes at 11:27:56pm on 1/20/20
What was that Solar score, bro? You're a monster.
katanaeyegaming writes at 8:09:27am on 1/16/20
3 billion good job homie keep it up
Durvin writes at 2:34:06am on 1/16/20
Decided to check out ffr today while waiting for classes, and apparently i made my account just over 3 years ago :O. 2,998 Billion points too, so even though this school-laptop is damn near impossible to play well on, 5-6 charts went by quickly. Veteran get :)
I should play some more later this week and get a level or two while i'm at it. I only have just under 2% of all AAA's, so no crazy goals like i've seen others go for, but D7 this year would be cool :)
FirstMaple8 writes at 2:33:56pm on 5/16/18