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4-key inova orbit lightshow
Posted on: December 5, 2009, at 01:46:13am

The orbital I was spinning in the video below this was stolen, this is the most recent video of me spinning my friend Casey's orbital. They're different, more expensive lights called inovas. $15 a pop here.

Note when I wrap it around my arms, or some of the special moves incorporated in there. (; enjoy

  1. Watch this shit when your stoned. It about put me to sleep.

  2. Great Job btw :D

  3. Sometimes I wish FFR had a like button .

  4. omg i was thinking that just before i read it haha
    nice, em. i heard your msn at the end :P

  5. Yeah, if i hadnt stopped the video there, there would have been about 5 more of those msn sounds lolol

  6. haha nice Lime this is awesome well done ;)

  7. :o that's so cool! I should make a video of me using my astrojax. But alas I haven't a good camera.

  8. orbits are pretty chill but i like novas the most cuz you can do so much with them -DD

  9. Yes, I have a couple. Plus, this is made of four of them (:

  10. Thank you soo much :D

  11. That's so cool :]
    Awesome job :]

  12. wow :O
    dam u great
    i wish ican do that
    sooo cool