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LaZboy77 writes at 11:49:43pm on 8/11/12
Nothing much. Watching some guy from Azerbaijan win gold in wrestling. That's about it tho.
xharumoni writes at 3:12:21pm on 2/10/11
Oh, what do ya do? & what's ED? o-o
xharumoni writes at 4:08:09am on 2/10/11
Yeah, hahs.
Bro, Seminole, Florida-that just makes me wanna go to the casino~
Anyways, Florida's awesoome, 'specially South FL-so much to do-though central has the theme parks, but I wanna get outta here for college, lol.
Catasexuality writes at 9:17:07am on 2/8/11
xharumoni writes at 10:44:01pm on 2/4/11
Lol, wish we had snow days sometimes though.
Mrs.typing.like.wut writes at 1:14:33pm on 2/4/11
haha ik r! :D
Mrs.typing.like.wut writes at 1:22:40pm on 2/3/11
lol ok i did my pro tell me wat u think :D
Becky8 writes at 11:18:51am on 2/2/11
well, i've never posted in forums soo i doubt it haha
Concentration writes at 8:43:38am on 2/2/11
....... whatever u say.....
Bricktastic writes at 7:56:28pm on 2/1/11
Awww sorry... I have 3 rats now. One of mine actually just passed away as well. She was adopted from a friend and developed a kind of uncommon tumor cause by her mammary glands. The surgery was too risky so we were going to put her down...but she died in the waiting room. >.> Rats are teh awesome though :D