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Svaz writes at 11:48:24am on 6/14/19
You’re gonna carry that weight.
reuben_tate writes at 1:50:16am on 1/3/19
I'm sending this message to everyone in D7. If you don't want ffrmania for the final round, please let me know.
Herogashix writes at 5:34:34pm on 6/2/18
what's your discord ID? :o
Herogashix writes at 3:10:36am on 5/31/18
<3 i miss u
SoFast writes at 1:35:43pm on 4/17/18
I Don't Think You Have Any Idea How Fast I Really Am
Rapta writes at 12:08:57pm on 4/17/18
The man, the myth, the legend paexaea
SoFast writes at 11:10:52am on 4/17/18
ayyyy gg
MikeShinoda12345 writes at 11:09:17am on 4/17/18
oh fuck
Sanjixcon writes at 11:08:50am on 4/17/18
derby monsta
FirstMaple8 writes at 10:41:14am on 4/13/18
good job getting d7 dud.