Songs Of The Week (March 29th, 2012)

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on March 29th, 2012

so kawaii~FFR has been going through some changes recently, and one of the biggest has been the appointment of two new moderators for our forums! This honor goes to bmah and Sky Kitten. Be sure to give them a big congratulations if you haven’t already.

Another change this week is the lack of a veteran’s song! All four songs this week are public. You’ll still have to wait until next week for Betrayal to be made public, however.

This week’s release features two collaboration files, a somewhat unusual but increasingly common method of stepping. As far as difficulties go, the two For Masters Only files should give any seasoned player a nice challenge, and the two other files means the mix of difficulty levels should offer something for everyone.

[March 29 Released Songs]
XP Startup Theme by Bas3008 (Netjet!) – Classical (Easy Listening) / Standard / 1:37
=.The Ocean.= by mooseymaniac (ichliebekase & krunkykai22) – Dance 2 (Atmospheric DnB)  / Challenging / 2:00
Futsuu No Uta by MOSAIC.WAV (Kommisar) – Dance 2 (J-Pop) / For Masters Only / 2:06
Miss Candy on TV by Jankenpopp (DossarLX ODI & qqwref) – Misc (Glitchcore) / For Masters Only / 1:32

If you have an opinion on these releases, drop a post in this thread to let the forums know.

That’s it for this update. Enjoy your arrow smashing!
~hi19hi19 and the FFR Staff

19 Responses to “Songs Of The Week (March 29th, 2012)”

  1. o

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  3. gj ally and brent~

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  6. bandwag~o~n

  7. so does this mean that veteran’s songs have gotten the axe?

  8. As far as I know, nope, 2 weeks ago it was St. Patrick’s Day. and there was no veteran song, just 5 (ir)regular releases. So logically, there can’t be a vet song released this week ;D

  9. popsicle, I wasn’t sure so I intentionally worded it vaguely haha
    JX said to me, “We’re quitting veteran only releases from this week” and I’m not entirely sure what that means… I hope it means no more vet songs, though.

  10. Oh dear…Miss Candy On TV..

  11. No veteran songs no veteran songs no veteran songs no veteran songs <3333333

  12. played the planet index on accident that was actually really fun glad i tried it like that

  13. i meant the ocean, it’s all ==planet karma==’d out so yea understandable mistake..

  14. looks like FFR finally got some Family Farce (correct me if im wrong)

  15. woah, just looked at the NPS spectrum for Miss Candy On TV, and yea it’s an FMO but since when do FMO’s have multiple 26 nps spikes o.o

  16. @Cammy- pattern makes a big difference in how easy an NPS spike is to hit. Just look at Perfect Cherry Storm’s multiple NPS spikes, but they’re all not too bad to actually hit.

  17. PCS`s spikes are actually pretty intense compared to Miss Candy`s. This is definitely a low FMO.

  18. *looks at PCS spectrum* oooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

  19. o

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