New Year Release Event: Week 2

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on January 13th, 2019

Approaching mid-January, we have another release for you all this Sunday! This release is more straightforward, with an old-school song from CanBlaster (originally the alias “Stryker”) at 180 BPM.

Sonic Vision
Musician: CanBlaster
Step Artist: rayword45
Song Genre: Dance 2
Style: Hardcore
Difficulty: 70
Song Length: 1:47

Feel free to leave comments in the thread.

- The Game Management Team

8 Responses to “New Year Release Event: Week 2”

  1. “A lot of people… don’t choose their eyes”

  2. not all people though

  3. Lyrics by Jaden Smith.

  4. there odd22

  5. ok

  6. ^not somalian

  7. im somalian

  8. I’m antorian(tori)

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