New Batch Search Engine Site Released

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on December 31st, 2017

Happy New Year’s Eve! I am happy to announce that the new Batch Search Engine (BSE) Site is now up and running. This new site comes with several benefits over the old one.

Performance and Cost Improvements

Overall, the new site runs faster. The biggest difference can be noticed on the Queue’d Songs page. On the old Batch Search Engine Site, the Queue’d Songs page could take anywhere from 20-30 seconds to load. Now the loading time for that same page is only a few seconds.

The new site will also cost less to keep up! Spending less keeping the site up for the same functionality, in addition to performance improvements, is a win-win.

More Opportunities

This new BSE site will be more maintainable and customizable, standardized to the Python programming language. The old site, while functional, was convoluted and hard to maintain.

Users can provide their feedback and suggestions in the BSE changelog thread. Be sure to look there for current known issues, suggestions, plans, and completed work related to the BSE.

Better Stats

While this is not implemented yet, in the future there is possibility for visualization of data related to song submissions. For example, what if there’s a pie chart that shows the breakdown of song submissions by stepartist for a batch?

There is already a proof of concept for this type of graph visualization on the Crossover Spectrum Site Stats page. While this is a project different from the BSE, there is already existing work to take data and provide different insight.

- DossarLX ODI

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  1. Excellent work man!!

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