Leap Year Day SponCon!!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution, Spontaneous Contests on February 28th, 2012

Leap Year Day!!Leap days fall every 1460 days or so, but are rarely celebrated.

So, I figured we would change that for FFRs 3rd leap year day with a bit of a FREEDOM DiVE giveaway!!!
For those of you that are unaware, FREEDOM DiVE by Xi, (stepped by hi19hi19) is a token that was given away in december as a part of the cross-event with Thirdstyle.

This token will also be given away to the top 5 in a highest unique score contest! Regularly, a AAA is the best score possible on any given song. But if more than one person submits a AAA, the score is no longer unique.

The song you will be playing is Space Entropy (cry4eternity) – Misc / Very Easy / 1:37
Your job is to submit a score as high as possible but with it remaining unique to everybody elses. This will be based on raw scoring, so ignore the total score in your results when deciding what scores to submit, though there are a few other things to keep in mind when entering.
Each member will be allowed 2 submissions
The submissions must be a legitimate screenshot
Both submissions must be in the same PM


Submissions are CLOSED!!

If you’d like to see the results or weigh in on how this event went,  feel free to visit the thread.

Now, unfortunately I couldn’t give away tokens to everyone, but rest assured that there will be another FREEDOM DiVE sponcon in the near future~ So congrats to deadpony, andy-o24, wildfireskunk, Crazyjayde, Breakdown16 & all of our other entrants that helped make this SponCon a success, also for all of the positive feedback in the PMs (you guys know who you are <3)!!!

~nois-or-e and the FFR Staff

24 Responses to “Leap Year Day SponCon!!”

  1. woo~

  2. your face is rarely celebrated

  3. i love this spon con, finally something i can actually attempt but i am not thinking i will get it lol but i love the idea

  4. no point for me to particpate

  5. I’m sorry, but this contest makes no sense and it’s format is awful.

    But good luck to everyone I guess.

  6. so basically AAA the song and u have FREEDOM DiVE?

  7. ^I wish lol

  8. Unique in terms of just the raw score or unique in terms of 2-0-0-0 vs. 0-0-0-10?

  9. Not quite lambourghini. If you and another user were to submit a AAA (in this case 12800 points is a AAA). That score would no longer be unique, and the next highest score would be looked at. If more than 2 users were to submit a score of all perfects and 1 boo (12795 points), it to would become ineligible as a unique score.
    So with your 2 entries, you will be aiming to submit a high score, but a unique high score :)

  10. And since Space Entropy isn’t a very hard song, you wonder what the heck would be the highest unique score. I mean, anyone who can AAA the song can deliberately get 1 boo, 2 boos, 3 boos, etc. to get the highest “unique” raw score. I would imagine that by the end of the contest, the highest score wouldn’t really be that high anymore.

  11. That was the idea bmah, to ensure that lower level players weren’t excluded from having a go and getting themselves a new token song :P
    Very excited to see the final results, already got a few entries in the inbox!!

  12. So basically, fuck up on purpose, but make it look cool.

  13. I like this. It’s the same format as those site you see ads for thst say something like “Someone just bought an ipad for £2.87!!¡¡!”. You pay to make a bid, and the lowest unique bid wins.


  14. lol

  15. link doesn’t work i think…

  16. would like to know the answer to bballa’s question

  17. 2-0-0-0 and 0-0-0-10 are both going to work out to being 12,750 points. And are identical scores ;D
    Edit: Link is working, please try again if it wasn’t working for you.

  18. Entered. This is fun!


  19. ha im first on that list :D

  20. sounds complicated, i’ll pass.

  21. Interested to see the results

  22. Would be a shame if anybody did the exact same boo count.

  23. Results are up guys, tokens have been awarded~

  24. well i knew i would lose because i never win any of these contests

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