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rainbowrainbow - {Zero} July 12th, 2019
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[x]1000 Game Plays
[x]10,000 Game Plays
[x]MP Level: 10+
[x]G Total of 5,000,000,000
[x]700 FC's
[x]Get All Hidden Tokens
[x]50% Skill Tokens

[ ]200 AAA's
[ ]500 AAA's
[ ]1000 FC's
[ ]99% FullCombo Songs
[ ]Average or Rank of top 100
[ ]Mp Lvl 20+
[ ]90% Skill Tokens
[ ]Get into Tier Team.
[ ]G Total of 10,000,000,000

Comment wall
Sanjixcon writes...
at 10:28:16pm on 7/2/20
bounce bounce bounce
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 11:14:11pm on 7/7/18
Oh my god, the diagonal scanlines! Very 2012!
XxWeskerxX writes...
at 8:13:36pm on 7/2/15
like your set up :)
flash dualist writes...
at 12:28:02am on 11/6/12
PrawnSkunk did a nice job! I'm just too lazy.
{Zero} writes...
at 11:43:01pm on 11/5/12
Thanks :3
Zyphoror writes...
at 11:20:34pm on 11/5/12
oo wowie nice x3
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 5:23:36pm on 11/4/12
add me on skype if flash dualist hasn't already made your profile :J
psychoangel691 writes...
at 1:03:36pm on 11/4/12
I think prawn is gone till tomorrow because of his cross country thing.
psychoangel691 writes...
at 11:08:03pm on 10/30/12
Flash dualist has you on his wips but if he can't do it prawnskunk said he would when he's done with some cross country stuff, so like 5 days.
psychoangel691 writes...
at 4:17:08pm on 10/30/12
I'm not sure what I could really say. I could see if maybe I can get someone to do it.
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