Gamewhore Competition – Coming November 17th!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on November 5th, 2012

Some of you gain pleasure by getting the best scores that you possibly can on certain songs. Some of you get pleasure by playing different styles. Some of you get pleasure by handicapping yourselves because you’re so sick and tired playing the same range of songs, over and over again.

…then, there’s that special group. This special group gets pleasure by brutalizing their own hands, potentially playing the same song for upwards of 8 to 10 hours, just to watch a number climb higher, and higher. Rather than grouping you all as the masochists that you are, I’ll consider you all as people that have incredible patience. How you guys do this does not matter, though. What matters is this: some of you will give your keyboards their yearly beating in a single day. That day is November 17th.

The next Gamewhore Competition is coming soon. To make it fair for those of you that haven’t been graced by the presence of Shashakiro’s amazing Vertex BETA Vrofl file, Vrofl will be disabled for this competition! There will no longer be unfair advantages for those who shouldn’t be utilizing them in the first place. You lunatics will have until November 17th to prepare your mind, body, fingers, and your surroundings. Grab the mini-fridge, load it with all of the energy drinks you’ll need for this endless climb to the top of the daily score boards, and brace yourself for a day that will require you to be on your computer as if your life depends it (that is, if you want to win).

For all the details check out the thread here!

-TC_Halogen and psychoangel691

16 Responses to “Gamewhore Competition – Coming November 17th!”

  1. ah yes this time to gamewhore at least until i possibly unlock Dendrite v2 lol but ya ill definitely be doing that

  2. k

  3. …and it’s on a saturday so I can’t do it :(
    Good luck to everybody that signs up!

  4. GWC making a TRIUMPHANT comeback as FFR hits the big one-oh!

  5. Yep ima sign up for this fosho

  6. I get pleasure by handicapping myself because I’m so sick and tired playing the same range of songs, over and over again.

  7. o
    jerry, where are you?

  8. This seems like a reasonable day to start the GWC on.

  9. Sometimes I wish I didnt have responsibilities so I could participate in this kind of thing.

  10. I have a number-of-arrows-hit for the jackpot that day in mind.

  11. Hello haku

  12. this looks god damn familiar. I wonder where I saw this.. :|

  13. I really wish I had the ability to do this :/
    Good luck to everyone else!

  14. This seems like a pretty cool idea. Glad to see that it’s on a Saturday as well. Good luck to everyone!

  15. wish i had the time to thumbs down everyone’s comments

  16. finally

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