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St. Patrick’s Day Song Release!

St. Patrick's Day~ So, St. Patrick’s Day is here once again and boy do we have some fun in store for you and your arrow hungry fingers on this extra green weekend!

First of all, a special edition release of 5 songs plus the Veteran song from 2 weeks ago is going public PLUS we have another contest for you to put your butt on the line and potentially get rewarded with some delicious tokens + credits ;D

In the next few hours there will be details of the weekends contest, so stay tuned and keep your eye on this page! But before any of that, we are going to get into the groove of St. Patrick’s Day with some new song releases.

[March 17 Released Songs]
G runtilda’s Lair by chaoticmarin (ninjaKIWI) – Arcade (8-bit) / Tricky / 1:20
R evolutionary Etude v2 by Chopin (Silvuh) – Skill Token (Classical) / Very Challenging / 2:47
E ntry of the Gladiators, Op.68 by Julius Fucik (hi19hi19) – Classical (Classical Fanfare) / Difficult / 1:22
E lectric Daisy Violin by Lindsey Stirling (iironiic) – Dance (Folk Dance Pop) / Challenging / 3:11
N aiNai 69 by DJ Sharpnel (_.Spitfire._ + Coolboyrulez0) – Dance 2 (Hardcore) / For Gurus Only / 2:05

All of the files this week are all a little different as you will discover, but fear not, this is but a temporary case of the greens. (and as you might have noticed, the FFR banner has been slapped with a bit of green too.) There is no veteran song this week, but there is a Skill Token to add to your collection! Revolutionary Etude v2 can be unlocked by passing its predecessor, Revolutionary Etude, located in the Legacy genre.

Last of all there is the veteran’s song from two weeks ago which is now public:
Lawn Wake II by The Flashbulb (0) – Secret [42,000 Credits] (Drill’n Bass) / For Gurus Only / 2:24

If you have any comments about this release, you should direct them towards the thread.
So have a green-tastic St. Patrick’s Day, mash some arrows and get your green on!
~nois-or-e and the FFR Staff

Songs Of The Week (October 20th, 2011)

Another week here at FFR means another set of new songs for everyone to enjoy.
There are four songs this week, with the veteran’s song listed in blue. Check out this week’s new releases:

[October 20 Released Songs]
The Degradation of the Soul by MvM (Silvuh) – Misc (Industrial) / Very Easy / 2:28
Clash on the Big Bridge by The Black Mages (hi19hi19) – Rock (Instrumental VG Rock) / Standard / 3:58
Keep It Short by Beatdrop (bmah) – Hip-Hop (Techno) / Very Difficult / 2:02
No Purpose Flour by SessileNomad (iironiic) – Dance 2 (Drum’n Bass) / For Masters Only / 2:50

The veteran’s song from two weeks ago has been released to the public as well. Don’t forget to give it a try if you haven’t had the chance yet!
Beware the Purple Water (TC_Halogen) – Arcade (Game Remix) / For Masters Only / 3:24

We appreciate your feedback on these songs. Visit this thread and tell us what you think!

In addition to the new songs, there have been numerous other changes here at FFR over the past week.
Some of the biggest changes have related to FFR’s multiplayer. Specifically, multiplayer now uses raw score! Gone are the days where getting one miss in multiplayer spells instant defeat- things should be a lot more competitive now.
If that announcement gets you excited about jumping into multiplayer, why not see where you stack up against the rest of the MP community first? Check out the new multiplayer stats page here and see how you compare. This page can be accessed any time you like by following the link in the Daily Stats page.
As always, there have been numerous minor bug fixes too. These include the squashing of a credit transfer bug and minor issues with score reporting on the Velocity engine.

Looking for a way to help the FFR community grow even more? Are you fluent in a language other than English? If you are, check out this thread for your opportunity to help translate FFR into other languages!

That’s it for this update. Enjoy your arrow smashing!
~hi19hi19 and the FFR Staff

Memorial Day Special Release & Random Updates

I figured we hadn’t done a special release in a while…  so I wanted to do something for you guys.  Enter Ievan Polkka, by Otomania, quite possibly the catchiest song ever.  It may sound familiar, as Pretty Green Onions is a mix of the same song.  IMO, it’s a Low FMO…  the jumpjacks with 3-framers are JUST enough to make it not be VC, but I’m willing to listen to other opinions.  Mad props to my main man jimerax for this awesomely fun chart that you will won’t be able to stop playing.  Oh yeah…  it’s on Page 1 of Dance2 for easy access.

In other news, I haven’t forgotten about all of you.  Don’t think that I have.  :(.  The P4U fix that resulted in the chart being offsync is being worked on again, and should be sync’d by the time you read this.  Also, I like cake.


Oh yeah…  if you care about the batch, notes should be up tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll even be nice enough to unlock the discussion thread.

Put the Retrigger on the Bong-Ra and hide the children

Bong-Ra, Jason Köhnen’s electronic alter ego saw life in 1996. Hailing form The Netherlands, Bong-Ra initially started as a dj, but quickly focused his priority on producing his own music in 1997. Since then he has set up two record labels and released well over 40 albums on many record labels (including Cock Rock Disco.) His latest release, the Vitus Blister EP, features the song many of you have probably grown to love, Nomina Nuda Tenemus, which was released a week or so ago and was stepped by here. It’s either an FMO or FGO, there seems to be a lot of disagreement about the actual difficulty [it's just jumpstream, right? :-) ].

Retrigger is an electronic musician from Brazil, also known as Raul Costa, who has been producing hard and experimental music since the year of 2001. He has released tracks in labels from different countries, in 5 different continents. His sounds range from breakcore to 60s psychedelia, from punk to funk, from garage rock to hip hop or anything he’s listening at the time, mostly sounding like all of those at the same time. Just last week, resident stepfiler and FFR stepfile judge kommisar[os]‘s file for Jeanie and Caroline became public and it’s an FMO focusing on Retrigger’s wonderful drums. Check out his website for free music and keep an eye for a release on Cock Rock Disco.

Hope you all enjoy the new breakcore!


SotY 2009! Take me back 5 years!

Song of the Year took a break in 2008, because we didn’t have anything awesome enough for it.  There were rumors of Mario or TMWT…  but it all came and passed.  And now it is 2009.  And we have SotY again!  We’re going to party like it’s 2004!

The full name of the song is OSTER Project presents World Tour 2004.  Seeing as how that is both a mouthful and redundant, I labeled it simply “World Tour 2004″.  Artist is, of course, OSTER Project.

Now, why does this song classify for SotY?  Because each one of us can relate to it.  The song hits music from all over the world.  It also happens to be the longest song in FFR and the song with the most notes.  A AAA on this will net you over 6 million points!  It is 8:38 and 3940 of goodness by behanjc.  It’s FMO for some jacks and length and PAing 24th jumpstream…  but it’s not TOO bad.

How can you play this, you ask?  All you need is 20,009 credits and you’ll find it at the top of page 3 of Secret.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!


{Big Boss}. Brackets Can Only Mean One Thing…

New cornandbeans! That’s right.  {Big Boss} sounds like it should be right out of Castlevania, but I’m pretty sure it’s straight from CnB’s big musical brain.  Stepfile is by the under appreciated and eccentric Vote4Nixon.  Currently in funk, but I’m sure jx will be moving it in the next 24-48 hours.  Also, *gasp*, it’s NOT a purchased song!  The song is short and sweet and Very Challenging.

Subbies get some Orange Dust in the form of Patashu‘s Dead and Direct.  It’s a low-mid FMO.


CCCP… Not Soviet Russia!

No, not russia.  It’s our most recent song!  Counter Clockwise Chant Pattern by Terminal 11.  It’s… beyond words.  Mega-FGO.  Good luck trying to even FC this file.  You can try for it for 7500 credits in purchased (the last of the purchased releases for the time being, yay!)  You can thank gnr61 for this mass regurgitation of arrows.

Subbies get a new behanjc file in funk.


Tower and my 1000th level

Today’s public song is the very challenging Tower by AKHT.  I don’t really have much to say about it…  but it’s yours for 1000 credits in Purchased.  File is by hi19hi19.

New subbie song is out too, Moon Child -Go With The Flow- by Naotyu.  File by bmah.  Will tell you all about it in 3 weeks.  PS – This file is the 1000th I’ve personally added to FFR, including widgets.


Double Special KgZ Happy Fun Time!

Let’s start off with a nice little happy 16th birthday to in-house artist KgZ.

As such, I went ahead an added a new KgZ song to FFR for today’s subbie song.  That song is Memories.  Stepfile is by Sprite-, all of our favoritest mod to come back from the grave EVAR.  It’s his first stepfile in game.  I thought both guys would appreciate something for them.  You can find it in funk.  Very melodic song.

After I added Memories, I realized that today’s public song is ALSO a KgZ song.  How crazy is that?  Anyway, today’s song is Procrastination on a Paper.  You can have it for 4500 in Purchased.  It’s a pretty snazzy jazz piece, and only 8 AAAs on it despite a 9 difficulty…  so it’s a challenge.  File by Silvuh.



And oh yeah…  thanks to all of you guys for getting us to 1.6 million registered users!