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My first algorithm pass
Author: Aery
Type: Other Video Games Videos
Description: Finally managed to pass this song after a lot of tries.
  1. Thanks. I just realized that the link to the skin is broken. Here the updated link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QSp-ZFuI5oCQ1p_FLItISWVg5GUqVFFe/view Also, could you please send me your FFR skin that is similar to this skin? I use metal skin for FFR but I'm not able to adapt to it cause I am now used to this skin in osu!mania.

  2. Nice job! Btw i tried to click the link to download the skin and it didn't work. Any chance you can send me a new link or something? This is similar to my ffr skin so it should help me get more accustomed to osu!mania