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I submitted a file
I submitted a file to the batch for the first time! It was originally going to be a joke file (that I wouldn't submit) where I ctrl+c, ctrl+v the same measure over and over but I actually really liked the song and couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm very happy with the file, the layering is definitely on the low side but this is intended to be a low dif song. I think it will be around 7, maybe higher idk. I'm both nervous and excited. Huge thanks to Nova for making the song and giving perms and playtesting.
D7 Soon...
93.93 right now, hoping today is the day I get D7. If you want me to try any files just put em here I need stuff to play :)
i am back
Hey guys sorry for being inactive I couldn't play because I needed to get my new keyboard because I could not do good on my laptop keyboard so I am now back for good so expect more scores soon Logman Out
The Dipsticks are at it again!
Thank you FFR
It's been almost 11 years I've been here. Many memories have been made here. From playing favorite songs, making new FFR friends, to meeting new friends in the real world. And it's all over.
FFR has changed my life for almost 12 years. Thank you FFR.
I hope we could always play until I get old. :)
Good times <3
Hope everyone is well
the verdict is in
son of robot is my favorite song
Bynary Fission
2/20/2021: Newest Track [Dark Umbra]
I like how this turned out a lot!
7 years
wooooooo !!
My keyboard sometimes thinks I pressed a key twice, even though I pressed it only once. That used to be rare enough to not affect my scores that much, but today I managed to make 15 boos on a 2-minute song. I think I should change my keyboard.
Stepping away.
Due to what my hobbies have been lately, I've stepped away from the community for the foreseeable future. Just haven't had any will to touch this or Etterna at all lately. I'm just gonna disclose what this means so y'all don't tell me certain things.

-I'm not permanently leaving the community or quitting VSRG's. It's just an indefinite break until my motivation to play again is there.

-I have (by the time you read this) left any FFR related Discord servers. However, you can always reach out to me via Discord if you feel like chatting.

-I'm okay. Not depressed by any means. I guess you can't ever care too much because people are very sensitive when it comes to certain things.

Yeah. Hopefully I get the itch to play again. No sense in being around the community if I have nothing to contribute for now.
been away for awhile now im back
woooo feels good to be back noticed i havent played this game in years account started looking alittle dusty and my records being surpassed lol but its good to be back.13 years in counting being apart of the community and i wish all the newcomers and even the veterans an awesome day. to those who stay in texas like i, stay safe stay warm, keep playing on my friends.

For those out of the loop I got hit pretty hard by the Texas blackouts that happened recently and haven't been able to have much electricity at all over the last 3 days. It's been roughly 2.5 hours since electricity turned on for me this time (usually electricity only stays on for an hour at most) so I'm excited and nervous hoping power doesn't go out again. If it does we're probably gonna be permanently fixed soon. But I should be safe enough to start playing vsrgs again!!!
1b grand total soon
n i c e
Haven't touched VSRG's in like 2 weeks and not really wanting to touch them right now.

Back to D5 I go. XD
how does this site work
Past big personal milestones & Current goals
(Just Learned how to put a random thought here today lol)
Full Combos (clean, no boos/misses/averages):
600 clean FCs done on Jan 17th 2021
700 clean FCs done on Jan 26th 2021
AAA milestones:
100 AAAs achieved on Jan 4th 2021
Now that I'm doing difficulties of 30s and even some 40s with clean FCs, I figured I'd finally go back to some "Easy" songs and begin to really grind out my first AAAs, and here we are! My first AAA achievement! (Sound of my Dreams RMX was the 100th AAA)

200 AAAs achieved on Feb 10th 2021
Wellp, it's been over a month since the 100 milestone, got lazy and slowed way down for a bit after the 100 mark, and took a semi-break from FFR, but decided to really continue the grind about a week ago, and I've now picked up my 200th AAA! (Back to the Gate, shocked I didn't choke the end!)

300 AAAs achieved on Feb 23rd 2021
Decided to really grind out AAAs on all the rest of the "Standard" songs after hitting 200, and now after succeeding in doing that + a few "Tricky" songs and 1 "Difficult" song, the 3rd AAA milestone is here!
(We Won't Be Alone was my 300th public AAA)

Feb 22nd 2021 @ 4:24pm (my time): All "Standard" difficulty songs have officially been AAA'ed!! Final song was Clash on the Big Bridge
Division 3, Achieved on January 14th 2021

Ahhhh!! I'm so hyped about this! Just about 3 weeks ago in December (a bit before christmas) I could barely even pull off clean records on 40+ difficulties, and now I'm actually knocking out my first 50+s (even some 60+s clean!), which was enough to pick up D3!
Division 4, Achieved on February 17th 2021 @ about 1:30 am (my time)

I actually did it!! I really can't believe it! I never imagined getting this far, just as a mostly-casual player. This by far has been the best-feeling achievement I've ever earned on FFR!! I expect It'll (most likely) be the last division promotion I get though, because, as of earning D4, "Master" and up is still almost imposs for me to do without a ton of misses/boos lol, but maybe that'll eventually change.
(D4 officially earned by getting an SDG on Starlight [Macgravel] - 2 goods SDG)
Current/Future goals:
- 1,000+ clean FCs (no boos/misses/averages
- At least a few more AAA milestones, hopefully 500+
Nick Skyline
I'm retiring, but this is not farewell.
I've decided that as of now, I'm going to retire from playing rhythm games. Is the end of me? Of course not, why would you think that?

I might be a complete ghost on the internet right now, but don't worry, a new Nick Skyline will emerge from this. I've got a new laptop, new software, a Steam profile, a Twitch, a Discord, and a Soundcloud and I intend to use all of them in some way.

By all means, check me out at some point. And who knows, maybe I might peer into whatever you're doing.

Just to clarify, this is not goodbye. This is just a new beginning for me.

I've managed to get through most of the COVID-19 pandemic relatively well, and I am looking forward to my eventual vaccination.

Apologies for being so silent on this website for so long, I don't know what I missed.

I can't wait to start streaming Forza Horizon 4 as soon as it gets released on Steam - March 9. As for the other content I'll be streaming, there may be days where I don't want to do anything and just sit down and talk with my currently-nonexistent audience. There may be days where I feel like making a song, and want to stream that process. I'd like to perform a 60-minute set live on Twitch one day, but time will only tell if that's ever going to happen.

Here's where you can find me:

DISCORD TAG: Nick Skyline#6567
STEAM ID: Nick Skyline

See you there.
Year of the Rat is Over :(
Though the Year of the Rat has ended, rats will always be dear to my heart. Hopefully I find time to update my avatar lol.

Go rats!
What?!?!?! Thinking!??!
I can think!?!?! :pog:
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