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im matt...for some reason i get alot of D-bag haters on here...but i dont care so hate on assholes!
fishin huntin parties and girls and school
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alot of stuff
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she goes by the name ~smallgirl~
Posted on: November 1, 2007, at 12:56:39pm   [0 comments]
I miss her. I really really miss her. I should of made my move when i had the chance to. Now she is with this new guy who she supposedly loves. I feel that she was supposed to be with me, not him. Now all i can do is sit back and wonder what could of been

Posted on: October 19, 2007, at 10:47:13pm   [2 comments]
i dont know what to say about her...i met her on here...and she is EASILY the coolest girl ive ever met..we joke allll the time about stupid shit..i make fun of her..she makes fun of me..and we laugh....i do wish she lived closer..and trust me im not one for meeting people on the net..but our personalities just click...I WANNA HAVE HER the baby but really shes a cool girl..shes a sexy little about this long enough for you????

another video os the beautiful alicia leys!
Posted on: September 21, 2007, at 01:54:39pm   [0 comments]

The beauty in this girl is AMAZING
Posted on: September 21, 2007, at 01:51:54pm   [0 comments]

her voice makes me shiver

my new crush
Posted on: September 21, 2007, at 01:48:18pm   [1 comment]
alicia keys!!!!...shes sexy as hell....and she can sing!

oh and also
ImOnFlAmEs1990...she got my back...thanks beautiful

Comment wall
cutieangel1124 writes...
at 1:17:33am on 11/4/08
aw havent talked to u in forever!!!!
ImOnFlAmEs1990 writes...
at 4:51:52pm on 9/13/08
would it matter to u...
u no that pic of the alcohol on the top of my page.. if i put a pic of u there instead>?...
ur soo gorgeous..
and yeah
ImOnFlAmEs1990 writes...
at 4:52:43pm on 8/2/08
just like if ur ever on aim or something and im not on.. leave me an offline message..ya no...
i miss u mucho much...
ImOnFlAmEs1990 writes...
at 4:50:04pm on 8/2/08
ur like never on...
i miss u...
i dont even no if ur still living or
if uve been doing alright or not..
u need to leave me somehting on here every once in awhile...
xanman123 writes...
at 6:23:20am on 7/22/08
jk u should look at my vid of fanny pack!
xanman123 writes...
at 6:21:53am on 7/22/08
what is up bigg boyy
ImOnFlAmEs1990 writes...
at 7:55:19pm on 7/5/08
new pics... well a couple i got bored so i took some on my webcam..
and put some others up before and after them...
trying to get another camera so i can get some nice pics on here and myspace...
check them out...
ImOnFlAmEs1990 writes...
at 1:19:13pm on 6/25/08
i no it.. omg u need to put a pic on ur default... ur already on my topp...
thank u sooo much for making one
i<333 u
ImOnFlAmEs1990 writes...
at 7:12:13pm on 6/19/08
i <3333 u
i love you writes...
at 5:22:35pm on 6/17/08
Hi. ^O^ <3
Vote thumbs up on my profile!
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