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well, im mee i luv my baby(hyleigh) mskater freerunner musician wrmiter drawer
my baby freerunning skating mike jackson music
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atreyu,silverstien,bleeding through,from first to last,underoath,comback kid,the bled,HIM,dead to fall,cute is what we aim for,endwell,escape the fate,hellogoodbye,june,plain white T's,the acadmy is,strait light run,69 eyes,bullet for my valtine,the used,saosin,down to earth approch,dashboard confessinols,afi,the audition,vanna,i am ghost,matchbook romance,motion city soundtrack,waterdown,afs,alkaline trio,a7x,t.a.t.u,this day & age,inkwell,mashlin,the spill canvas,rory,the dark line,rookie of the yea,
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alot especiall all the halloweens
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Posted on: September 15, 2007, at 04:09:34pm   [1 comment]

me doin 360 in town
Posted on: August 19, 2007, at 09:20:07pm   [0 comments]

inside of me
Posted on: August 18, 2007, at 08:46:55pm   [0 comments]
f you could see inside my soul
see inside my heart
you would know how I long for you
whenever we're apart

If you could see inside my head
if thoughts were things to see
you would know how I cherish you
how much you mean to me

In all the ways you comfort me
the way you hold me near
the way you know just what to do
to chase away my fear

The sparkle in your beautiful eyes
your smile, laugh, your touch
are just a few of many reasons
I love you oh so much

Knowing I can talk to you
about any and everything
and knowing together we will get
through whatever life may bring

I could search the whole world over
and this I know is true
I would never find another love
like the love I found with you

Though with each new day,

the best talent show ull know who's mee we suk
Posted on: August 16, 2007, at 10:39:09am   [2 comments]

word's of sorrow
Posted on: August 12, 2007, at 11:33:07am   [0 comments]
The night is starting here we go
I check out everything
This is our time to lose control
What do you want from me
You line them up we'll put them down
This is so frustrating
To watch you sleezing all around
Yet you keep on smiling

What can I do to make you see…
Your Guilty
What can I do to make you feel…
you're wanted
What can I do to make you see…
Your Guilty
I’m suffocating under words of sorrow

Her skin reflects behind the blur
I’m intoxicated
Where am I from why am I here
(your so predictable)
Fingers running through my hair…
…but its all just fiction!
She steps out from her underwear…
…so beautiful

What can I do to make you see…
Your Guilty
What can I do to make you feel…
you're wanted
What can I do to make you see…
Your Guilty
I’m suffocating under words of sorrow

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KeLLyRoSe12 writes...
at 9:39:32pm on 1/2/09
heyyy whats upp?
*emo_love* writes...
at 2:53:47pm on 6/7/08
I'm supposed to message you from Hyleigh.
She wanted to know if it's okay for her to call you soon!
She REALLY misses you.
zero75689 writes...
at 12:59:04pm on 5/16/08
hey peeps chk oyut my brother on
iceyspy writes...
at 6:40:29pm on 5/8/08
nice profile. like the avi its soo cool. btw names Reina how r u?:)
musical_vampire writes...
at 8:56:03pm on 3/29/08
:D sweet profile.
~kitty~ writes...
at 5:54:16am on 3/26/08
Am_I_pretty_enough? writes...
at 6:29:31pm on 2/29/08
Hey....Sry it's been sooo long! I've tried to call you, but no one answers....I'm have you been?
azn_kelly22 writes...
at 6:49:24pm on 2/18/08
Heyy wanna be friends?
katiekat1102 writes...
at 5:21:43pm on 11/29/07
hey long long long time no talk how are you and your girl doin????
Spanif12! writes...
at 5:24:54pm on 11/26/07
i love you too :]
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