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Location:Sacramento, California, USA
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xxTODDxx's Gameplay Stats Today
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About me:
my name is Todd and im 15 i like to skateboard
putting beats into songs, taking photos,and chillin with my friends,and girls
Fav Music:
Chanel AKA sexy12345,t-pain,and soulja boy
Fav Movies:
saw 1-2 ,superbad,one missed call,Scary Movie 1-4
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EAGAMES writes...
at 11:58:07am on 6/30/09
MaRs03 writes...
at 3:20:27pm on 6/15/09
yo dude whats up? are you sad chanel moved?=/
MaRs03 writes...
at 6:43:03pm on 5/19/09
HEY TODD do you know where Chanell is??? she hasn't been on for like a day. plz comment back!
MaRs03 writes...
at 7:13:37pm on 4/27/09
heyy duudee whats upp?? and me and chanel are rly rly RLY GOOD lmfao=)) shes adorable like 24/7=D i'm so glad shes back!=))
MaRs03 writes...
at 3:34:34pm on 3/21/09
hhaha oh yaehh! nice man, it was pretty good just chilled with my buds.
MaRs03 writes...
at 8:01:14pm on 3/20/09
well DUDDE! your COOL OKAY? lmfao how was your day bro?
MaRs03 writes...
at 11:39:28pm on 3/19/09
lmfao nothing! and badass means your cool bro lmfao, if you didnt know=)
MaRs03 writes...
at 8:08:17pm on 3/19/09
oh yeah!! i got shit! lol nah jking;)
MaRs03 writes...
at 1:34:00pm on 3/19/09
yeah i saw you lol ba as in bad ass lmao.
Michael916 writes...
at 1:39:06am on 3/19/09
who does she like? whoever he is .hes freaking lucky!!
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