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About me:
Hey! lol hmm what should I say.. well let me start with my name, :) my name is Chanel, nooo not channel, I'm not a tv last time i checked. haha like shuhnel dude, get your facts right. lol oh and im 18 years old! ive been on here for a pretty long time I gotta say :D, and met some very awesome people haha actually my bestest friends are from ffr, and im from cali!! Woot woot^^! and don’t judge a book from its cover, ima frikin awesome kid trust me jp but im rly nice! xD im not a stuck up bitch I pinky promise! ehh I don’t wanna sit here and tell you every thing about myself cuz then there wouldnt be much to ask right? Exactly lol plus no one even really reads these things so yea! talk to meh! haha leave me comment or something :)P
Interests:, strawberry popsicles, my cell phone and thats all i can think of atm xD
Fav Music:
John Mayer!!!! frikin love that man, haha great music + hes gorgeous <33 i listen to literally everything :D
Fav Movies:
The Dark Knight.. lol Step Brothers.. The Notebook.. idk anything good? lmao
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Carlos1789 <3 :D
Posted on: March 6, 2011, at 10:40:50pm   [7 comments]
Okay lol Ive known this guy since I started ffr and hes a great friend and always been here for me lol Even tho hes number 3 on my top hes still one of my best friends! So Carlos don’t be mad at me! I love ya abuelo! xD

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Carlos1789 writes...
at 4:52:32pm on 1/3/19
you ever want to make things right u know where to find me on facebook
Carlos1789 writes...
at 12:56:18am on 7/11/16
Wow so unjust logged in 6days ago talk to me please don't be so evil
Carlos1789 writes...
at 11:34:44pm on 5/24/16
I see u have logged in this after 2012 when u did me wrong wish u could just tell me truth
hollowfire36 writes...
at 5:08:35pm on 2/23/13
Hey! (: It's been forever!
popsicle_3000 writes...
at 7:14:20pm on 11/16/12
Carlos1789 writes...
at 2:29:29pm on 10/9/12
your bogus with what u did to me tisk tisk smh....
Carlos1789 writes...
at 12:31:38pm on 7/28/12
nevermind with that last post but its cute how u still have your old pics up here from when we first met an we were both still in High.S you were so cute an adorable back then now your that and more such a stunning women u r Chanel ;) much love homegirl !
Carlos1789 writes...
at 3:00:41pm on 6/19/12
why did u leave face.b if u dont go on here then how we gona talk =/ ?
outbreakofnrg writes...
at 8:52:40pm on 4/10/12
wussuh qtt
The Dead Man writes...
at 4:59:02pm on 12/18/11
your pretty
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