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|| *honestly, my profile is a bit out of date but i'm too lazy to update it right now || ___ i'm Lanie. twenty. 630, IL. bisexual. filipino. 7/16 lobes. cannabis friendly. sooper awesome(: first off, let's get one thing straight. this is a GAME website, so let's keep the drama to a minimum. i'm an extremely nice person and i likes meeting new people. i'm not very judgmental either. so get to know me, yeah? don't be afraid, i don't bite.. too hard :DD
[Likes]: singing. playing guitar. purple. hugs. friends. johnny depp. fruit. sweet-talkers. paranormal. laughing. smiling. late night phone calls. rain. ranch dressing. penguins. arizona green tea. sushi. DDR. guitar hero. pokemon. anime. honey dew. body modifications. candy. colored eyes. cuddling. kissies. secondhand serenade. listening to piano playing. hair bows. tie-dye. peace signs. zombies. [Dislikes]: alcohol. bees. school. clowns. ouiji boards. avocados. spicy food. trolls. porcelain dolls. yelling. mean people. feet. summer heat. mosquitoes. horse radish. conceitedness. boringness. liars. losing. changing diapers. jack fruit. brussel sprouts. heights. pitch black darkness. loneliness. fighting. ignorance.
Fav Music:
|Secondhand Serenade| Acoustic. Classic Rock. Underground. Screamo. Hardcore. Alternative. Heavy Metal. Metal. Rock. Indie and all of that :D
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Shortboyownz writes...
at 2:30:28am on 9/14/19
Heyyy you still alive :)
McLoViN3523 writes...
at 12:49:04pm on 11/1/14
still #1 on the friends list i see :3
Dragonaa62 writes...
at 2:22:04pm on 10/2/14
hello hello~
Dragonaa62 writes...
at 4:28:27am on 5/5/14
Hey Been long time!
xXTaking_ControlXx writes...
at 10:38:43pm on 2/4/14
meh, hi everyone
Synthlight writes...
at 6:20:54pm on 12/30/06
First person to post on your wall.