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- St.Scarhand -
Posted on: October 8, 2011, at 05:01:47pm

- Unlocked on: 08/10/2011
- 29th to unlock it.
- Got my first FGO AAA ever.
- Made my day.

  1. Grats bro. Nice 1st FGO AAA too.

  2. fucking pr0

  3. When the fuck
    Congratulations man.

  4. Proud of you:)!
    Keep getting better, I'll catch up... next year or sumthin.

  5. Gawdam, you beat me to it. :[ Great job man!

  6. late congrats!

  7. jpense ke chu le 2eme qc en ligne pour ste token la :P, dommage que ffr ca soit autant dla crap.
    im just sayin'

  8. And you got 10 more FGO AAAs

  9. congrats 8)

  10. in b4 all FMOs AAAed

  11. lol nub

  12. some tips to AAA'd Reality?