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Hi, I'm Ben. I'm 20 years old, love good food, and am absolutely obsessed with good beer.
people, cooking, chilling, videogames...
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Apocalyptica, Arcade Fire, Béla Bartók, Bill Evans, Bloc Party, Bobby McFerrin, The Cat Empire, The Decemberists, ELP, Frank Zappa, Galactic, Gershwin, Herbie Hancock, Interpol, Iron Maiden, Joshua Bell, Joy Division, King's Singers, LCD Soundsystem, Led Zeppelin, Leonard Bernstein, Manu Chao, Michel Camilo, Moby, New Order, Queen, Soulive, Tokyo Police Club, Yoyo Ma, Zox, The Zutons...
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Soldat_of_life writes...
at 11:29:04pm on 11/7/07
I noticed that you just added me.
*checks your profile*
Nice ranking, been here a while too, as you said in the chat :P
You have quite the big music group list...I can barely name 4-5 if I try hard.
Hope to challenge you some day, though don't expect me to be that good just yet...still need some practice to be good and all.
Take Care and Till Next We Meet...
P.S.: Thumbs up for the flames in your profile and the good conversation we had :P
Morehead_Kid writes...
at 12:48:23am on 4/24/07
gg on mp tonight man. hope to play you again soon. keep in touch and we will get another game goin
davidthegnome writes...
at 3:08:32pm on 4/18/07
hey it is fun playing with...message me whenever u would like to play again
Hazelle writes...
at 5:57:52pm on 4/8/07
hey =) whats uppp?
SilentWolf382 writes...
at 10:13:07pm on 3/30/07
i need you to come back so i can get your 382 name
SilentWolf382 writes...
at 10:06:17pm on 3/30/07
whats up?
CartoonHero94 writes...
at 12:41:42pm on 11/26/06
Whats up?
CartoonHero94 writes...
at 12:31:37pm on 11/26/06
Hi just a random comment.
Synthlight writes...
at 7:45:00am on 3/5/04
First person to post on your wall.