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I'm about to be a junior at Duke majoring in psychology with a concentration in neuroscience. I like to play FFR/DDR to take breaks from otherwise boring study sessions. I have a band, Panda Force, that you should check out at and also whose music you should buy if you like it. Just search for Panda Force on iTunes. I like languages and music in general and like to play guitar/drums/bass/keyboards/trumpet/french horn (more of the first 3 than the others though).I am Colombian so Ialso know spanish fluently and learned french in middle/high school and now I'm pretty fluent in that too. I like having fun with my friends and goofing off and not taking life more seriously than it should be
food (quizno's, arby's, wendy's, brazilian steakhouses, waffle house, bruster's, coldstone, chili's, any decent italian restaurant, buffalo wild wings, subway) playing guitar/bass/drums/keyboard (order of descending awesomeness) coming up with music on guitarpro to play with my band on the instruments listed above listening to music, hanging out with friends, soccer, watching NFL games and Duke Basketball, slacking off but still impressing people because I'm good at stuff, DDR, FFR, drums on Rockband, sleeping
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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
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Defending Obama
Posted on: November 4, 2008, at 02:17:17pm   [3 comments]
First - More than half of this nations' small businesses will be shut down due to inability to pay the tax doubling that Obama is gonna push to have in place. The payroll tax specifically will be the criminal that will shut them down.
Wait what? Double taxes? He’s not exactly raising taxes to the point of businesses shutting down… or anywhere close to 100% more taxes…

Second - Obama is a socialist. Want proof? Become informed to what he's gonna do. Those tax increases, you know what they are gonna be used for? Obama wants EVERYONE to be the same, to have the same wealth, to be fair and balanced, this sounds all good and what not but those tax raises, in order to make this plan a reality, he's giving everyone who doesn't work monthly paychecks to keep them with money in their pockets.

He doesn’t want everyone to be the same, he just wants to make sure there aren’t people who get screwed if they have an accident and lose a leg, or get cancer, or whatever. Socialism isn’t bad, it’s worked fine in Europe. Also, Obama isn’t socialist… A stronger government= a more sensible one that won’t randomly go to war with other countries because it’ll spend the time/resources to realize that there weren’t/aren’t WMDs. Also, a stronger government= one that won’t just ignore domestic issues and let our education system become a laughingstock compared to even 3rd world countries’ education, as well as allow the housing situation (and stock market) get owned

WHAT THE FUCK IS THE INSPIRATION TO WORK THEN!?!?! This country WAS NOT built on socialism because the founding fathers seen the many faults in it. Do you think it is fair that I work an average of 20 hours a day during the summer and 14 during the winter JUST so that I can scrap by with my minute amount of income and the rest goes to the next guy who DOESN'T work at all, to pay for his food, his bills, his life?! FUCK THAT! Obama can go suck Biden's dick because they're one in the same, they are fucking retards.

Do you think it’s fair that McCain is gonna give tax breaks to all his rich buddies that also have over 5 houses, yachts, and private jets? The people who don’t work at all will die off eventually anyway 

Wanna call me racist? Fine do it, but I'm not. Obama IS idiotic in its most magnificent form. Biden is even worse, he chose Biden cause Biden doesn't know his ass from the ground he walks on. He's just as dumb as the next retard of this country, he's easy to mold to do whatever they want him to. That's the problem with Obama.

Ah, mudslinging at its finest. Palin’s the one we have to worry about being idiotic, and only an idiot makes jokes about bombing Iran by changing the lyrics of a pop song “Barbara Anne”… seriously McCain, what were you thinking….
Let's look deeper in the Obama.

Relationships - No not marital or otherwise, namely his closest friend, William Ayers. William Ayers in short is a University of Illinois professor whom a few decades ago was a prime head in the Weather Underground society, which in turn was responsible to many domestic bombings around the country. Many of these bombings can be traced back directly to Ayers command. The Weather Underground even ADMITTED to these bombings and many signs pointed to Ayers for being not only a mastermind to many of them, he funded many of them. This man, William Ayers is one of Obama's closest friends and WILL listen to what he says. This is scary in itself. I personally don't want a president that is best friends with a terrorist.

First off Ayers is a “domestic terrorist”, sure, but he didn’t kill anyone. He blew up some building that he knew didn’t have anyone inside of them as protest against the Vietnam War. If anyone had done something like that to protest the current stupid war in Iraq I would see them as a hero. There’s currently a petition signed by 4000 university professors, including some of mine here at Duke, protesting the slandering of Bill Ayers’ name. He’s a smart guy who continues to teach and do research, and just because, like a sensible person, he protested against a war and was labeled a “terrorist” for protesting it doesn’t make sense.

Also McCain dumped his first wife after coming back as a POW and seeing she had been hit by a car and now was not as pretty, as well as 3 inches shorter, due to surgery on her legs. So literally like a month after he gets back he finds Cindy, sees she’s rich and her family has influence, and then begins an affair. They eventually marry. This alone causes me to not be able to vote McCain. You can’t vote for someone as weaselly/untrustworthy as that man

Funding - Now, Obama has floods of funding coming from all directions. This is excellent for any candidate yes, but why do you think people are dumping these funds on him? Because they see that him being so young and politically inexperienced makes him easy to mold to their will. A primary investor into Obama's campaign is George Soros. This man... Soros, he's a truly evil man. Look into this abomination. Study his past. He actually crashed the banking market of England FOR, only FOR his own personal gain. He gained $1.1 billion for his deliberate actions to crash the England bank. This devalued the sterling and caused a mini depression for the market. BUT, this isn't all Soros has done in his past to get rich. He invested into an association that was working to takeover the French bank, but failing in that attempt he was found guilty of insider trading and was fined for his actions. Still he is not done. Soros is also still currently involved in drug decriminalization, allowing drugs to be freely transported and sold wherever they are inside the united states without criminal punishment. I won't go into the reasoning for this as there are just too many. Also, Soros "helped" his mother commit suicide out of pity for her suffering health. He is also funding progression in getting the US to allow assisted suicide, not for the good reasons it may have though. Because having this can be cause for twisted cases where important people who may have become disabled can be assisted in suicide without their consent. Just another way for Soros to be able to control the people around him. I mean why not? Get the right to kill anyone who stands in his way... cause an accident that terminally disables them and without their consent yet forging documents stating that that's what the injured wants, he can have them killed, LEGALLY! This is evil. Pure evil. Soros is a horrible person. His wealth comes strictly from his acts of evil personal gain in the past. NOW, this man is a primary investor into Obama's campaign... Obama is and WILL be easily molded to whoever has an opinion for him to implement as president. Soros DID at one time back McCain but switched to Obama because of Obama's inexperience, Obama will more likely take the opinions of Soros and implement them as law or bills through his presidency. Another way Soros gains control of the world around him.

I dunno much about this Soros guy, so I dunno what all he’s done. But drug decriminalization is a good thing that would actually lower violence associated with drugs. If they’re not illegal, they’re not as valuable and it won’t be as hard to get them. The prices will fall drastically, and druglords’ powers would diminish. Euthanasia should be allowed if the person is in a lot of pain and has no chance of recovering. In some other cases obviously you may have to have family members/doctors decide (in the case that the person who wants to die because of pain has become deranged/demented). There’s a whole class on ethics I took on that crap, and obviously there’s a lot of controversy over which cases it should be allowed. I’m sure he didn’t kill his mother for personal benefit other than seeing her not be in pain. If he did have ulterior motives then yea screw him, but I don’t know that much about this case.

The way I see it, if Obama goes in, the rich get unbelievably richer, the poor go into deeper poverty, the middle class goes under lockdown to try and survive as "middle class" rather than falling into the poor sector of the economy, hundreds upon thousands of small businesses shut down due to inability to raise the money to pay off the doubling of the taxes, the corrupt ideals of the "men behind the curtain" of Obama's campaign become law and this nation turns into a socialist society where those who DO work pay for the jobless man's food and bills.

Actually McCain would make sure his rich folk stay rich and, since he’s not raising taxes for anyone besides to get funds for this stupid war, he would actually make the poor poorer by neglecting their educational/healthcare needs. We can’t keep falling behind compared to the rest of the world in terms of education and technology like we already have (just look at outsourcing), and raising taxes is the only way to improve education systems. Taxes aren’t getting doubled, 100k small businesses closing would be hilarious but not happening, and yea. Any more questions talk to me

May the best man win (obama) 

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emo_child12 writes...
at 10:41:55am on 11/6/09
hey whats up =]
AC1speakerbox writes...
at 5:13:03pm on 7/7/09
You live in Roswell?
I'm in Carrollton, lol
icexoxprincess writes...
at 8:58:07pm on 6/26/09
heyy =]]
FallenXxRaven writes...
at 1:02:27pm on 5/2/09
^_^ Thanks for taking the time to type all that. My wrists sore as shit atm from just messing around on my guitar (Its an electric btw) but ill definately try all of that out.
NFD writes...
at 10:27:09pm on 12/2/08
I'm not taking sides on the presidential thing, but I was watching the Colbert Report a few weeks before Election Day, and he had the Socialist presidential candidate on his show, and the candidate himself said that Obama does have views similar to socialism, but they in fact, are not. <3
funmonkey54 writes...
at 4:03:14pm on 10/23/08
Good luck on getting that number 1 college band position!
rzr writes...
at 8:04:07am on 10/7/08
I replied to your PM, thank you. :/
L0NEvvolf writes...
at 3:07:20am on 10/7/08
Good luck!
who_cares973 writes...
at 2:00:46am on 9/26/08
i dont really know what my avatar is.....i asked someone to get me one and thats what they got. i liked it so i took it
MrMagic5239 writes...
at 3:19:43pm on 8/23/08
Just helpin war out, dont forget about his tournament. First round ends in 1 hour eastern time.
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