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my name is ross and i am 12 years old and i live in nc.i like to chat,play games,play sports,and hang with my friends.
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rap,r&b,hip hop,country,and some rock.
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comedy,horror,drama,action,and sports.
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Mims - This Is Why Im Hot
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Akon - Smack That
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CR_wiTE_fOaM writes...
at 11:04:48pm on 4/6/07
hey =)
TK_demon writes...
at 9:25:43pm on 4/5/07
giggity check out my avatar on my profile it moves >:)
TK_demon writes...
at 9:35:07am on 4/5/07
ok make a game called ross no password ill be waiting
TK_demon writes...
at 9:22:14am on 4/4/07
Hi-Ya Garrets!!
Hi Raul!!
You Wanna Go For a Rides?
On What?

Barbies Such a Bitch
She Is Just A Witch
I Really Hate Her
Why Does Ken Date Her?

Ken Is Such Man
I Do All I Can
Just To Do Him(Yes)
We Just Wanna Screw Him

(Shes Such A Bitch I Wanna Scratch Her Eyes Out)

I have Dreams About Ken
Being Inside My Den
And We Hold And We Kiss
Like Were SweetHearts

But That Barbies A Slut
With Her Cute Little Butt
And I Guess Ken Likes Boobs
Made of Fake Parts

And I Cry Everyday
Cause Straight Up
That Bitch Is In My Way!


Barbie Is A Bitch
She Is Just A Witch
I Really Hate Her
Why Does Ken Date Her?

Ken Is Such A Man
I Do All I Can
Just To Do Him
We Wanna Screw Him

TK_angel writes...
at 3:18:15pm on 4/3/07
super_sticky00 writes...
at 9:21:08pm on 4/2/07
super_sticky00 writes...
at 9:14:48pm on 4/2/07
im da bomb!!!!!!!!!!!
Synthlight writes...
at 9:10:21pm on 4/1/07
First person to post on your wall.