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Posted on: December 16, 2010, at 12:17:46am   [1 comment]
So I've heard it helps having goals on here some I'm gonna write a few down as they come to me.

[x] 1st AAA
[] 10 AAA's
[] AAA Excite Bike

[x] FC A
[] FC The Cracking Sky
[] FC Alpha Helix
[] FC Infection

[x] 100,000
[] 50,000
[] 10,000


[x] 100 million
[] 500 million
[] 1 billion
[] 2 billion
[] 3 billion

[] Complete 'The Games We Played Series
[] Survive lvl 7 songs every time

[] Get good at jump streams
[] Get good at trills

Comment wall
ic0slay3r writes...
at 12:19:27am on 1/3/11
You have your PMs blocked or something, so I couldn't send you the tourney reminder. So yeah the tourney started and you until January 4th to post a score.
spm515 writes...
at 11:43:18pm on 12/14/10
Got a new skill token! But I don't know how...
Fujiwara no Mokou writes...
at 10:15:11pm on 12/14/10
xD i dun mind it
Fujiwara no Mokou writes...
at 10:07:58pm on 12/14/10
-also stalks-
C@! writes...
at 2:06:51am on 12/12/10
Sure I can do that but let's talk about this over facebook. There's a thing I need you to do for me. And I would apply for modship, but I can't, I have yet to reach 250 adjusted posts.
spm515 writes...
at 6:11:03pm on 12/10/10
Yeah but calvin stalks me as a hobby so...
Fujiwara no Mokou writes...
at 9:28:21am on 12/10/10
technically im the third person to post :O
C@! writes...
at 11:59:55pm on 12/9/10
That is true, perhaps I should change
C@! writes...
at 11:12:12pm on 12/9/10
Like teh arcanine
C@! writes...
at 1:50:42pm on 1/23/09
Second person to post on your wall.
P.S., I pity the fool!
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