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yomama900 writes...
at 9:49:03pm on 6/11/09
oh hallo! sorry, i was playing the multiplayer thingy with u and then my comp froze. -.- um... ya. nice game! ^^
SheASheA77 writes...
at 8:08:18pm on 4/1/09
haha we both went back2 blonde :o
fireum99 writes...
at 1:40:18am on 1/17/09
hey, remember meee??
luckeydog writes...
at 11:06:25am on 12/18/08
hey what up =}
sl3epy writes...
at 12:40:06pm on 12/17/08
yo long time huh. ^_^
x!Disasterpiece!x writes...
at 8:12:31pm on 10/1/08
Thank you for the add :)
Lindarragnar writes...
at 7:15:54pm on 9/9/08
im bummed :(
I cant play my favourite song anymore! its called Destiny V2.. and it is in skill and i can't buy it.. grrr lol and i cant earn it
btw this angel in the forest is extremely beautiful
Lindarragnar writes...
at 4:27:12pm on 9/9/08
aww you are so nice as well!!
hey you did not tell me you were a beast.. at this game.. RANK 38,00! thats so good.. :]
x 3ddi3 x writes...
at 10:53:10am on 9/6/08
hey add my new msn
it true i do have soft hair and ima keep it that way
shonensega writes...
at 4:49:01pm on 9/4/08
whats goin on?
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