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About me:
Not much to know about me except that Imma 17 Yr old loser lol. Well That and that Spelling gives me cancer... ...----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAPS GIVE ME CANCER TOO... I hate all sports - except skateboarding - which is fuckin awsomness in a jar... I'm in a band "Demestoicated Demon"___Record name "A scar away from perfection"_ I'm the drummer =)!!!!!!! I am the webmaster of witch is currently not allowing me to access my ftp folder for some reason - eh ill figure it out, I play two other instruments exluding the drums "piano, and hamer dulcimer" and yea... dot dot dot
Music, being my very most favorite thing in the world, will be the first listed here. Next of wich, FOOD: My god, why am I not fat, lol. I also like skatebording, but don't let me fool you I kinda suck at it... ... ... I am a Gamer to a fault - that habit grew into something much more productive though... or destructive depending upon who you might be. I am a well established Hacker and take pride in it. Infact, my favorite quote is nothing other than a phrase from the best movie in the world; "Hack the world" from the movie, get this lol "Hackers". If I weren't such a loser and had more friends I might also have putthe whole "like, ya i luv hangin' wit friends yo" but alas, 'tis not who I am. so yea, the gest is I am a pretty boring person. Peace out.
Fav Music:
My god - you're determined to keep me up all night naming bands lol. Well since naming all my favorite bands would take an eternity, I will only name a few that i really like...Alice In Chains, Graveworm, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Godhead, My Ruin, Misfits, Dissection, Stone Sour, Shade Empire, Megadeth, Demon Hunter, Toxic Narcotic, Dir En Grey, Cruxshadows, Trivium, Tristania, Type O Negative, Bile, The 69 Eyes, Krisiun, 30 Seconds to Mars, Belphegor, Tura Satana, Manhole, Bullet For My Valentine, Hell Within, Arch Enemy, Chimaira, Maroon, Marilyn Manson, From First to Last, Scum of the Earth, Nothingface, And Hell Followed, Stone Temple Pilots, Snot, Static-X, The Cure, Nirvana, Thy Serpent, Dry Kill Logic, Mnemic, Epsilon Zero, Scarling, Earshot, Switchblade Symphony, Crisis, Symphony x, It Dies Today, God Forbid, Spineshank, Otep, 40 Below Summer, Apartment 26, Sinomatic, Live On Release, Kittie, Nevermore, Cave In, Breaking Benjamin, Bloodthorn, Scar Symmetry, All That Remains, Zeromancer, Ours, Muse, Rammstein, Vision of Disorder, Old Man's Child, Nokturnal Mortum, Sentenced, Deathbound, Kataklysm, Gorgoroth, Dee Snider, Corpse Vomit, Slayer, Sevendust, Murderdolls, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Between The Buried And Me, Fiona Apple, Enslave, Mudvayne, Dissection, Beyond All Reason, F.U.B.A.R., Drain S.T.H., Bubblebath in Blood, Motograter, Year of the Rabbit, The Used, AFI, HIM, Himsa, Sugarcoma, Avenged Sevenfold, Danzig, Damageplan, Atreyu, At the Gates, Sacramentum, Deeds of Flesh, Sin Origin, The Berzerker, Mayhem, Marduk, Darkthrone, Mistress, Grief of Emerald, Celtic Frost, Cryptopsy, Anti-Nowhere League, Lamb of God, Mastodon, Dawn, Emperor, Impaled Nazarene, Darkthrone, Motorhead, Anthrax, Sentenced, Deftones, As I Lay Dying, Raunchy, Norma Jean, Caliban, Cannibal Corpse, Fear Factory, Ramones, Circle Takes The Square, Losa, Mayhem, Inkubus Sukkubus, Soilwork, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Morbid Angel, Unloco, Union Underground, Unearth, Machine Head, Metallica, Manntis, Soulfly, Taproot, INSOMNIUM!!!, Tiamat, Suicidal Tendencies, Susperia, Soil, Borknagar, Skrape, The Doors, The Zombies, Society 1, Satyricon, Darkest Hour, Monster Magnet, Ministry, Behemoth, God Dethroned, Black Label Society, Skinny Puppy, Meshuggah, Devilish Impressions, Fleshcrawl, Diecast, Dillinger Escape Plan, Anaal Nathrakh, Nile, Mortiis, Hypocrisy, Effcee, Pitbull Daycare, My Chemical Romance, Skinlab, Six Feet Under, Seraphim Shock, BloodSimple, Depeche Mode, Sepultura, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Pain, Poison The Well, Puscifer, Combichrist, Ra, Mushroomhead, Amorphis, Ill Nino, Kidneythieves, Gwar, Iced Earth, Children of Bodom, Paradise Lost, Macabre, Kvist, Nehemah, Flyleaf, The Autumn Offering, Deadsy, Bullets and Octane, Bury Your Dead, Graven, 1349, Walls of Jericho, Down, Great Deceiver, Lollipop Lust Kill, Throwdown, Grip Inc, Kreator, A Life Once Lost, Genitorturers, Connected, Demons And Wizards, Savage Circus, Turmion Kätilöt, Camp Kill Yourself, Celldweller, Devil Driver, Disturbed, Dog Fasion Disco, Dope, Dragonforce, Drowning Pool, Dying Fetus, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Evanescence, Flogging Molly, Front Line Assembly, Godsmack, Haste The Day, In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Korn, Lacuna Coil, Lemon Demon, Lords Of Acid, Nightwish, Opeth, Orgy, Panic! At The Disco, Saliva, Skindred, Slipknot, ChthoniC, Frozen Eternity
Fav Movies:
Casper, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 40 Year old virgin, X - Men series, Matrix Series, Edward Sizzor Hands, Big, Willow, The Brave Little Toaster, Fantasia, 28 DAYS LATER, Merlin, Blade Series, Definatly Pirates of the Carribean, Of course the STAR WARS series but thats a given lol, Lord of the rings, and thats all you need to know...
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Posted on: November 12, 2006, at 11:44:01am   [0 comments]
Well, I woke up...

Posted on: November 5, 2006, at 08:38:17pm   [0 comments]
I want to die again - I'm going to bed now - and hopefuly I won't wake up so yea -

Posted on: November 5, 2006, at 05:50:41pm   [0 comments]
I'm so rediculously bored...

hmm -
Posted on: November 4, 2006, at 02:23:22pm   [0 comments]
Feeling a little better now and i dont want to die, but i still kinda do but whatever, I just dont care any more - well actually i do, but there is nothing to do... so fuck it -

Posted on: November 4, 2006, at 08:25:30am   [0 comments]

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Daneximuz writes...
at 11:58:18pm on 10/1/07
hey it's me from newgrounds nevermind i found out ur username..somehow.. =D
You really think rhythm fireworks is hard? lol why? i mean i got the high score in that game for like a week...untill someone hacked it..
BowserFanatic writes...
at 1:31:47pm on 7/16/07
effin sweet avatar
XxSoul_StealerxX writes...
at 4:33:06am on 4/26/07
I haven't talked to you in a long time. Sup?
imtheprincess writes...
at 2:44:23pm on 3/19/07
TYLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss u so much if u have msn or aim let me know cause i rly miss talking to u and i don't come here much nemore
davidco writes...
at 9:54:22am on 2/25/07
nice avatar
Rushm0r3-091404 writes...
at 5:05:16pm on 2/17/07
XxSoul_StealerxX writes...
at 4:44:59am on 1/16/07
What's good?
jimmythekiller writes...
at 3:46:21pm on 1/6/07
I am coming for you
xKatex3 writes...
at 2:34:37pm on 12/30/06
wered you go buddy?
imtheprincess writes...
at 12:47:54pm on 12/27/06
TYLER I MISS U!!!! COME BACK!!!!!!! <3
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