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About me:
Not much to know about me.. I'm like 18 and stuff.spelling gives me cancer... ...----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAPS GIVE ME CANCER TOO... I hate all sports - except skateboarding - Which I suck at... but it's still fun... I create Music with a program called fruity loops studios[ ^^GET THE DEMO^^](I make techno, metal, and classical music)!! I am a webmaster but ummm i dont have anything online at th moment - i shall eventually devour myspace. I play three instruments "piano, and hamer dulcimer, drums" and yea... dot dot dot
Music, being my very most favorite thing in the world, will be the first listed here. Next of wich, FOOD: I'm a fatty, lol. I also like skatebording, I kinda suck at it... ... ... Im really boring trust me.
Fav Music:
Graveworm, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Shade Empire, Dir En Grey, Trivium, Tristania, Krisiun, Arch Enemy, Thy Serpent, Symphony X, Otep, Nokturnal Mortum, Dissection, Himsa, Damageplan, Atreyu, At the Gates, Darkthrone, Grief of Emerald, Celtic Frost, Cryptopsy, Lamb of God, Dawn, As I Lay Dying, Caliban, Inkubus Sukkubus, Soilwork, Unearth, Manntis, Soulfly, INSOMNIUM!!!, Susperia, Society 1, Satyricon, Behemoth, God Dethroned, Mortiis, Hypocrisy, Soundgarden, Three Days Grace, Children of Bodom, Flyleaf, The Autumn Offering, Great Deceiver, Kreator, A Life Once Lost, Genitorturers, Connected, Demons And Wizards, Savage Circus, Turmion Kätilöt, Celldweller, Dog Fasion Disco, Dope, Dragonforce, Drowning Pool, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Evanescence, Flogging Molly, Front Line Assembly, Haste The Day, In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Korn, Lacuna Coil, Lemon Demon, Lords Of Acid, Nightwish, Opeth, Orgy, Saliva, Skindred, Slipknot, ChthoniC, Frozen Eternity, Ensiferum, Amon Amarth, Demoniac, Shadow warriors, Tuatha De Danann, Aes Dana, Orphan land, Death Army, Dark Funeral, In Extremo, Symphonyxbreakdown, Goodnight Nurse... That's where I stop myself
Fav Movies:
Casper, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 40 Year old virgin, X - Men series, Matrix Series, Edward Sizzor Hands, Big, Willow, The Brave Little Toaster, Fantasia, 28 DAYS LATER, Merlin, Blade Series, Definatly Pirates of the Carribean, Of course the STAR WARS series but thats a given lol, Lord of the rings, and that's all you need to know...
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Gibson63 writes...
at 3:52:24pm on 10/3/07
hum.. yeah.. i didnt want ot know your life.. i just said that.. this ''screenname'' was it really necessary for i just think its funny.. and hum.. ppl call me ''emo'' too.. i dont cut myself.. i wear black cause i like the black... and anyway thats bullshit lol.
butterflyangel123 writes...
at 7:01:59pm on 10/2/07
i really dont think ive met you..=[
Gibson63 writes...
at 3:29:02pm on 10/2/07
your screen name really sound like a poser.. just wondering if you knew it... (lol)
butterflyangel123 writes...
at 2:43:45am on 8/6/07
i dont think we know each other...but you sound like a really cool person..=P..hehe
butterflyangel123 writes...
at 10:15:45pm on 8/5/07
lol i dunno whats ur name maybe you do know me
butterflyangel123 writes...
at 4:58:49pm on 7/22/07
Hey hehe Whats Up?..=)
imtheprincess writes...
at 6:56:11pm on 7/20/07
lol thanks for the pic comment hun =)
xemoxgirlx89 writes...
at 3:25:24pm on 7/13/07
ichliebekase writes...
at 3:09:58pm on 11/14/06
hello emo!!
Dont_Seduct_Me writes...
at 1:05:29pm on 11/4/06
hahaha lol
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