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Posted on: July 4, 2008, at 08:22:56pm


  1. GJ. Unfortunate that the file was made before the avmiss fix, but still, great file.

  2. step a v2.

  3. You're right. Stargroup would say accept it, then Tass would do the opposite.

  4. rofl the 300

  5. your are now a pro stepper =)

  6. bad file


  8. lol no
    even you can admit it shouldn't have gotten accepted

  9. actually during the time when it got accepted a lot of crappy files got accepted.
    its rhythms are pretty much right, but its pr and consistency suck
    but then again, so did other files that got accepted (rericked anyone?)

  10. This shouldn't be right after None Would Escape, it's harder than that, but thanks for not stepping a 32nd stream at the end. That would be homosexual D:

  11. it would be a 16th stream actually, and i would have stepped it had it been possible at the time

  12. That would've made it better. :(

  13. yeah but i couldn't do it so :(