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SK8R43 writes...
at 9:21:23pm on 11/9/10
Yeah it really is fun! I love playing with one hand. Good luck tho!! Hope you the best. -_-
SK8R43 writes...
at 9:15:33pm on 11/9/10
haha nice thats the spirit!! and all i have to say is pretty much practice alot, try NOT to mash, be cool when playing and just have fun. :)
I also play one handed if you didnt know and im decent at it and been getting way better these past couple days. aha
SK8R43 writes...
at 8:56:38pm on 11/9/10
BIGEZAY writes...
at 12:29:20am on 10/16/09
no problem im happy to help :]
BIGEZAY writes...
at 1:59:09am on 10/15/09
i heard you talking to justin
and... to hit up and down at the same time just use one finger and lay it flat on both keys (if you are using the arrow keys)
justin_ator writes...
at 9:50:00am on 10/6/09
Actually I suck now haha. I haven't played in quite some time.
justin_ator writes...
at 1:59:27pm on 3/4/08
New Contest.
Practice Makes Perfects!
football_3042 writes...
at 7:34:57am on 3/1/08
really good for your third day...
SnipedYou writes...
at 9:52:12pm on 2/28/08
Nice playing with you, doing great for your third day. Play with you later just keep on practicing.
justin_ator writes...
at 9:01:20pm on 2/25/08
Not bad for your first day. Work on it some, and you'll improve!
Practice Makes Perfects!
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